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  Read/write data from S7 with netPI over Profinet
Posted by: student - May-25th-2020, 09:14 AM - Forum: Projects - Replies (10)


I need some help with my project. I have to read/write data from an S7 1500 PLC with the netPI using Node-RED over Profinet. The "netPI-nodered-fieldbus" container is running, I implemented the netPI into my TIA-Project, did the physical and software connection and I have included the Profinet-Node into my flow. Everything works fine. 

Now I want to read and write data from my DB, But how can I do this? The PUT/GET option is activated and the hook on static addresses is deleted in the properties of my DB.
I tried it with the s7comm-Nodes but this seems to be wrong, there is no connection respectively there is a missing configuration. 
Maybe I have to use a JSON payload after the fieldbus-in Node? But I don't know how to read data from my DB in the TIA Project with it.

I put my Flow into the attachment. 




Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

  Anti Virus
Posted by: tad - May-25th-2020, 03:51 AM - Forum: Software - Replies (3)

Dear Armin,

You may know that I don't have enough knowledge by asking this question.:-)

To protect against not only data theft but Malware, do we need anti virus software to netPI?
If we install 'Trend micro IoT security', is it installed in each container or the Linux running Docker?

Thank you very much for your information.
Best regards,

  Using Powerlink firmware with netHAT and config nxd
Posted by: thp9 - May-24th-2020, 01:19 PM - Forum: Software - Replies (3)


Even though Powerlink is not officially supported by netHAT, I've found that the netShield which uses the same chip has a Powerlink firmware.
I uploaded the Powerlink nxf and xdd files to my channel0 repository but because it's for the netShield I have the config nxd file missing.
The demo and sample detects the Powerlink firmware but my MN from openPowerlink won't recognize it in the network.

I was curious if this issue could be related to the missing config nxd. From what I understand, it's the configuration of the board, and each firmware seems to have a different config nxd so I guess it's also has relation with the protocol being used. Is it an absolutely necessary file ? What are the possible consequences of not using it ? If so could I generate one for Powerlink firmware ?

Thank you,

  eMMC Memory
Posted by: CLentzkow - May-20th-2020, 12:19 AM - Forum: Hardware - Replies (1)

Does the netPI and Connect gateways have onboard eMMC memory? Requirement from a customer.


  netHAT as Ethernet/IP Adapter with Codesys
Posted by: lstiegler - May-18th-2020, 09:03 PM - Forum: Software - Replies (11)


in a student's project we use the following configuration:
An RPI as a scanner. The Adapter-Function is realized by a RPI with a netHAT module.
Configuration Software is Codesys.

Codesys communicates with the scanner using the scanner's ETH1.
The adapter (netHAT port) connected to a switch communicates with  with the scanner's ETH0 connected to the same switch.
We like to monitor Ethernet/IP protocol with wireshark (no success of course).

Codesys requires the adapter's IP address to be specified, which we don't know, there is also no DHCP procedure

We appreciate your help if possible

Thank you in advance
L. Stiegler

  netHat configuration via config packets
Posted by: pitau - May-18th-2020, 05:09 PM - Forum: Software - Replies (6)


I'm working on a project where i have to configure the netHat as EthernetIP Adapter with an static ip address.

The netHat/EIP Adapter ist connected to a Gateway that serves as Ethernet/IP Scanner. There's no DHCP server connected.

As i understand it, the netHat is configured through *.nxd (config.nxd, nwid.nxd) database files and probably set to use DHCP for IP configuration.

Following the Cifx API and Ethernet/IP Adapter API i'm creating a configuration packet (EIP_APS_SET_CONFIGURATION_REQ_T, EIP Adapter Protocol API, .p.81) and setting the configuration as follows using the cifx api functions (cifx API p.100 secion 6 "General Protocol Stack Handling"):

cifXDriverInit() -> ... ->  xChannelConfigLock (unlock) ->  xChannelPutPacket -> xChannelGetPacket -> Check .tHeader.ulState  -> 0xC0590013: ERR_EIP_APS_CONFIGBYDATABASE "Stack is already configured via database"

I also renamed all *.nxd files regarding EIP.
(see: https://forum.hilscher.com/Thread-Use-ne...-on-netHAT  "...Even keep in mind a netHAT must not be loaded with an .nxd file, else it will reject online configuration method.")

Is it generaly possible to configure the netHat using config packets like for expample you would use with a PCI Hilscher card?
Looking at the log, there is no file downloaded:

18.05.2020 16:48:09.339.224: ----- cifX Driver Log started ---------------------                                                                                                              
18.05.2020 16:48:09.339.364:       LinuxCIFXDrv V1.1.0 / Toolkit cifX Toolkit                                                                                                         
18.05.2020 16:48:09.339.419:  Name : cifX0                                                                                                                                                    
18.05.2020 16:48:09.339.467:  DPM  : 0x0, len=65536                                                                                                                                           
18.05.2020 16:48:09.339.515: ---------------------------------------------------                                                                                                              
18.05.2020 16:48:09.339.734: Device Type autodetection: Flash Based Device found!                                                                                                             
18.05.2020 16:48:09.340.054: Device Info:                                                                                                                                                     
18.05.2020 16:48:09.340.108:  - Device Number : 7775000                                                                                                                                       
18.05.2020 16:48:09.340.201:  - Serial Number : 20710                                                                                                                                         
18.05.2020 16:48:09.340.254:  - Slot Number   : 0                                                                                                                                             
18.05.2020 16:48:09.340.772: Firmware download, checking / starting: CHANNEL #0, 0 file(s)                                                                                                    
18.05.2020 16:48:09.340.863: Firmware download, checking / starting: CHANNEL #1, 0 file(s)                                                                                                    
18.05.2020 16:48:09.340.945: Firmware download, checking / starting: CHANNEL #2, 0 file(s)                                                                                                    
18.05.2020 16:48:09.341.026: Firmware download, checking / starting: CHANNEL #3, 0 file(s)                                                                                                    
18.05.2020 16:48:09.341.107: Firmware download, checking / starting: CHANNEL #4, 0 file(s)                                                                                                    
18.05.2020 16:48:09.341.187: Firmware download, checking / starting: CHANNEL #5, 0 file(s)                                                                                                    
18.05.2020 16:48:09.341.305: Configuration download, checking / starting: CHANNEL#0, 0 file(s)!
18.05.2020 16:48:09.341.388: Configuration download, checking / starting: CHANNEL#1, 0 file(s)!
18.05.2020 16:48:09.341.468: Configuration download, checking / starting: CHANNEL#2, 0 file(s)!
18.05.2020 16:48:09.341.548: Configuration download, checking / starting: CHANNEL#3, 0 file(s)!
18.05.2020 16:48:09.341.627: Configuration download, checking / starting: CHANNEL#4, 0 file(s)!
18.05.2020 16:48:09.341.707: Configuration download, checking / starting: CHANNEL#5, 0 file(s)!
18.05.2020 16:48:09.341.755: System channel is READY!

Also, is there another way to achive a configuration with static IP address, eg. by using SYCON.net and exporting the nxd files?

Any help is much appreciated! Smile

  TOSIBOX enables netPI remote access from anywhere
Posted by: jkrimpenfort - May-18th-2020, 03:31 PM - Forum: Projects - Replies (3)

TOSIBOX® Lock for Container helps to bring secure connectivity inside your industrial IoT devices. It is a software-only way of connecting your netPI controller and other devices to your TOSIBOX® network, serving as the endpoint for secure remote connections.

[Image: How-it-works_LFC_ENG_200918_transparent-1600x584.png]

Click here to learn more about TOSIBOX® Lock for container.

Any questions? Feel free to contact our Sales for any further information.

  NetHAT temperature question
Posted by: thp9 - May-14th-2020, 09:09 PM - Forum: Software - Replies (1)

I'm using NetHAT module with STM32MP157C-DK2 board which has a port compatible with raspberry pi shields.
After a few minutes plugging in the module, it accumulates considerable heat even though it doesn't perform anything. I don't know how to describe it but it's  quiet hot.
The temperature is localized over the netx52 chip and also over the GPIO pins at a lesser extent.
The demo seems to works fine other than the fact that I got a bus error after a few seconds because I haven't configured a master yet.

Since I'm not using a RaspberryPi I was just wondering if this was normal behaviour, or could it be caused by bad gpio configuration of my board


  Docker cannot find image
Posted by: COswald - May-12th-2020, 02:54 PM - Forum: Software - Replies (16)

Hello together,

seams to me like I got my head stuck in the cupboard.

I triy to set up the NetPi image in Portainer to get my own Node.JS running on that system But everytime pulling the image "hilschernetpi/netpi-raspbian" from the Docker Hub:

I got the same message:  Failure - No such image: hilschernetpi/netpi-raspbian:latest

I have checked the RTC in the control-panel, and the networt of eth0 runs on DHCP. As last chance I took all the bones to home to be sure no company firewall blocks me. But nothings works, still getting the same error all the time.

What's my failure?

Kind regards,

Carsten Oswald

  How can i set a EtherCAT node in netHAT 52-RTE?
Posted by: JGLee - May-12th-2020, 08:34 AM - Forum: Software - Replies (6)

I want a communication with OMRON PLC NX102 series and netHAT using EtherCAT.

when i was check netHAT using TwinCAT3 Software, I can sure that EtherCAT communication is possible in netHAT. It is work perfectly.

but, EtherCAT communication with OMRON NX102 was failed because of limited setting by the EtherCAT node.

So, I want to know that how can i set a EtherCAT node???
I can not see any node setting in netHAT source code.

Please help.