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  Node red web UI issue
Posted by: DSongra - July-22nd-2021, 12:53 PM - Forum: Software - Replies (3)

Dear Armin,

I am using NetPI RTE gateway installed node-red using docker container.

I am facing two major issues most of the time.

1) Node-red web UI run for 1 hour only then it is asking to put login ID & Password if we are doing any changes in between and we do not deploy node-red flow then it got lost the node configuration settings.

2) Node-red web UI not opening giving error as "This site can't be reached". even after restarting docker node-red container and NetPi Gateway also, but still facing this same issue. (attachment 1). 

Is there anyone who has this type of same issue facing while testing?


Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

  OPC UA server with NetPi RTE
Posted by: DSongra - July-22nd-2021, 12:04 PM - Forum: Software - Replies (9)

Hello Armin,

I have installed node-red using the docker container in the netPI RTE Gateway. For the OPC UA server I am installing hilschernetpi/netpi-opcua-server container but am stuck at Volumes > Volume mapping > map volume setting. it is not showing Volume to select or edit to add "certs" volume.

I have followed the steps. (attachment 1).

Not able to set/define. (attachment 2).

Please help me to solve this issue and proceed further.


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  Welcome "sensorEDGE" as new subforum
Posted by: Armin@netPI - July-21st-2021, 11:24 AM - Forum: News - No Replies

We opened a new forum for the solutions called "sensorEDGE".

The brand sensorEDGE stands for a hybrid edge-cloud ecosystem. It consists mainly of IP67 rated boxes with edge computing power and optional cloud connectivity and service offers.

The first set of sensorEDGE boxes we are about to release in September 2021 will be those with IO-Link master support for up to 8 local ports. These "Edge IO-Link master" boxes lift IO-Link instrumentations to the next level by pairing IO-Link, Edge and Cloud support in one solution.

Two Ede IO-Link masters will be available. 

1. One is named "sensorEDGE" - like the brand name - and is described as "Plug-and-play over the globe IO-Link sensor data provisioning solution". Read on for more details here https://www.hilscher.com/netfield/sensor...Lang=false

2. The other is named "sensorEDGE FIELD" and described as "Do-it-yourself app-open IO-Link master edge computing platform". Detail will be published later the year.

  REST API server data communication
Posted by: MGharat - July-20th-2021, 12:17 PM - Forum: Software - Replies (2)

Hi Armin,

one of our customer wants to use REST APIs & communicate with his server software . Further this  server data is to be passed to an OPC UA client through our netPI gateway.

I attached herewith customer software RESET API document for your reference.

Can we use here netPI RTE to collect data from customer server ( over eth0) REST API communication & then transfer it to OPC-UA ( over Fieldbus port) ?


Attached Files
.pdf   10TE823 AM8 API Center v1.0 (1).pdf (Size: 723.45 KB / Downloads: 1)

  multiple netrepns
Posted by: royazriel - July-18th-2021, 01:03 PM - Forum: Software - Replies (9)

Hi Armin,

I am trying to connect 2 X netpi with same PNS example code to one siemens PLC.
it seems threre is a problem doing so networking wise when using "Ethernet device Configuration" tool.
I the netx has someking of mac address which conflicts. is it something I can change when initiating the driver ?
is it possible to do ?



  Node-RED 'projects' possible on netPI?
Posted by: JG_KIT - July-15th-2021, 09:25 AM - Forum: Software - Replies (2)


I thought of using the 'projects' feature of Node-RED to save my flows on GitHub.
I found tutorials saying, that setting this variable:
will work an apparently it does try:
however, fails when trying to find 'git'.

So, I wondered, is this image of Node-RED that is supplied under 'HilscherAutomation/netPI-nodered' on GitHub able to use projects (has git included) and I am doing something wrong or do I need another option than that to back up the content of my Node-RED container (and possibly import them on other netPI devices)?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Best regards,

  Start Up Queries
Posted by: yongzhi - July-14th-2021, 11:25 AM - Forum: Software - Replies (3)

Dear all,

could you point me any starter guide?

It took me sometime to get NetPi run with one netpi-raspbain container run. But failed on the netpi-nodered. It is about time to clear some doubts.

Q1, Is it normal that netpi is only accessible from the remote PC in the same network? When I first power up, the conosle seems pending at "update UTMP abut system Runlevel Change". I used to thought the console will prompt the username and password, as a usual raspbian.

Q2. Netpi relies on DHCP of the router immediately above it, otherwise, remote access failed.

Q3. When we access docker, Portainer should appear as a running container, but I don't see it. Isn't it?

Q4. Do we have a command line approach to run a container? I have to configure the resources piece by piece from Portainer->Contianers->Add Container.



Posted by: COswald - July-13th-2021, 11:02 AM - Forum: Software - Replies (3)

Hello Armin!

can I pull the hilschernetpi/lockforcontainer for testings?


Kind regards,


  Docker exposed port don't send data on eth0
Posted by: COswald - July-12th-2021, 11:06 AM - Forum: Software - Replies (3)

Hello Armin,

I have an issue, that is hard to descript. 

Base is a NIOT-E-TPI51-EN-RE.
Eth0 is configured as DHCP and working, I can connect to the Portainer and Control Panel from the outer netwerk to this IP-Address
On this box Docker is enabled
First Container is a hilschernetpi/netpi-netx-ethernet-lan image, which enables the cifx0 as 'normal' Ethernet-Port.

cifx0 is configured as
- IP-Address:
- Gateway:
- DNS:

In the Docker a second Container which if from image hilschernetpi/netpi-raspbian is running a node script to build a OPC UA server.
This Container exposes the following ports
remote 2222: local 22 --> SSH
remote 4334: local4334 --> opc.tcp

I can access the SSH port of the second container (2222) from eth0 and cifx0 without any problems
opc.tcp (4334) is available from cifx0, but if I try to connect from eth0 I cannot get a connection. A ping on that port is working, but i don't get data.

Firewall settings
eth0: NAT-Trusted
cifx0: Trusted (default)

- no routes defined -

I do not see the error, but I'm sure it is just in front of my eyes.

Can you give me a hint?

Kind regards,


  Remot VPN connection from netPI to company network
Posted by: JG_KIT - July-6th-2021, 02:01 PM - Forum: Software - Replies (6)


I am looking for a guideline on how to connect my netPI from a remote location (it will be connected to a standard household router with internet access) to my companies network via VPN. Meaning, I want the netPI to act as a VPN client and automatically connect to my specific company network on startup to then access the netPI from my company network like if it was directly connected. 
I assume, I need to install a package for that, but could not find it on my search so far. 
Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

Best regards,