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  PM - develope OPC UA Server using the Codesys
Posted by: Lingyue - January-17th-2020, 08:31 AM - Forum: Software - Replies (5)

Hello Armin,

I have a question about CODESYS, our customer said our netPI can develop an OPCUA Server through CODESYS. I think it should be developed in Container-CODESYS Control for Raspberry Pi, is it right? Is this container license necessary? Is this license purchased from Hilscher? Is there any necessary software and component tools need to order to the software upgrading? Please help me confirm these issues.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards


  SPI access using extender
Posted by: Irina Grinberg - January-16th-2020, 10:04 AM - Forum: Hardware - Replies (8)

My name is Ira and I work at CoreTigo.

Currently working with the netPI I would like to test SPI functionality.
Using the extender it seems I can only access /dev/spidev1.0 and /dev/spidev1.1, but I can't add these interfaces when creating a new container.

Please advise on how can I access SPI interface using the extender.

Ira Grinberg.

  Read analog sensor values
Posted by: crolfes - January-14th-2020, 05:00 PM - Forum: Hardware - Replies (2)


is there a way to directly connect analog sensors like the TMP36 to the netpi and read out there values using node-red?

I found the node-red node "NPIX-4AI16U node" [1] that is mentioning the expansion board "NIOT-E-NPIX-4AI16U".
But I can neither find such a product on the homepage nor in the shop.

[1] https://github.com/HilscherAutomation/ne...ed-npix-ai

Best regards

  NPIX-4DI4DO keep inputs galvanically isolated?
Posted by: EUROKEY - January-9th-2020, 08:28 AM - Forum: Hardware - Replies (1)


we would like to connect 4 different external signals to the input ports of the 4DI4DO module while we need to keep the netPI galvanically isolated against the input ports andalso the input ports need to stay galvanically isolated to each other input port.

This is not possible with the 4DI4DO module, right?
The module itself requires 24V DC so we need one 24DC power for the netPI and another galvanically isolated one for the 4DI4DO module. But each input port is connected together and with the power source for the 4DI4DO module.

But we are able to connect one external signal which will then stay galvanically isolated to the netPI if the both power sources are. Right?

We need to connect really expensive hardware and must ensure that a mayor fault will not harm the other systems.
Thanks for the clarification.


  connec Mitsubishi using Modbus/TCP or SLMP
Posted by: COswald - January-8th-2020, 03:17 PM - Forum: Hardware - Replies (1)

Hello out there,

has anybody connect a PLC using the Modbus/TCP-protocol, or SLMP. 

My first throw was to use a additional RS485 port and Modbus-RTU. But in several cases this is not the best way. So I want to have the possibility to connect via Ethernet. 

Regarding the products: NIOT-E-NPI3-EN, NIOT-E-TPI51-EN-RE
Can I use one the Fieldbus-Ethernet-Ports for connecting the PLC via Modbus/TCP? Therefore, this port must be connectable to the Pi inside.
At least one other port must be connected to the Pi to show the OPC/UA-Server to the IT-Infrastructure.

To give you a overview to my request, I have made a small chart. 

.pdf   Hilscher Infrastruktur.pdf (Size: 364.68 KB / Downloads: 4)

Looking forward useful comments.


  Using MariaDB on NetPi
Posted by: philump - January-7th-2020, 05:52 AM - Forum: Software - Replies (21)


I have only recently received our Netpi and we would like to start testing our product. Please forgive me as I am quite new to docker. 

I currently have a python program that runs on my PC that records information and saves it in a MariaDB database and is replicated on Azure cloud services. How do I go about getting this to run on a Rasp Pi or Netpi. 

The steps I have completed so far on Rasp Pi.

I have installed Raspbian Buster from image as per instructions on [/url][url=https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/installation/installing-images/]RaspberryPi.


sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -upgrade

curl -sSL https://get.docker.com | sh

sudo docker pull hilschernetpi/netpi-raspbian

Is this the correct image to be using for development on a rasppi? in the netiot FAQ it suggests using "resin/armv7hf-debian:jessie-20170916" however this is very old and I require debian buster as it allows MariaDB 10.3 to be installed.  Also resin states 'This repository is deprecated'

Once that image is installed what is the correct way to create a container?

On the NetPi,

I have followed the instruction video on creating the first container using raspbian as an example. 

I have the container running and am able to connect through putty.

I completed the following commands inside the container

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -upgrade
sudo apt-get install mariadb-server

I now have the mariadb server running. How can I access this from outside of the container. How do I link the IP and Port to within the container?

I believe I may have missed a few key points but I can answer anything else as needed.

  connecting Mitsubishi via RS485
Posted by: COswald - January-2nd-2020, 02:40 PM - Forum: Hardware - Replies (11)

Hello together,

in the next days, I will get a "NIOT-E-TPI51-EN-RE" with a RS485-NPIX for testing with our machine PLCs. Beforehand, I want to know, if there are any experiences in connecting the device to a Mitsubishi FX3 or FX5 via RS485 and how to grab data from the PLC and present them in a OPC/UA-Server?

I'ved tested another EDGE-Gteway which simply used the Mitsubishi called "Computer Link" communication protocol to acquire data from coils and registers of the PLC.

If no specific knowledge is available for this, is a sample for getting data via serial MODBUS connection? Althrough this solution would be second best, because in this case, I have to write the MODBUS communication in the PLC.

Second goal is to write data from the OPC/UA-Server into the PLC. So this would mean, that informations must be written from OPC/UA-Server (Docker) to the MODBUS-Registers. I'm a little bin insecure about this, after reading the manual, due to the strict seperation between containers, operation system(s) and hardware.

Any help is welcome in this state.

Have a fine day, everyday.

Carsten Oswald

  Automatic setup of NetPI (for production)
Posted by: Martin Serik - December-12th-2019, 02:10 PM - Forum: Software - Replies (3)

Dear forum members,

I have a question for you regarding NetPI's setup. In our company, we have setup users for NetPI’s Control Panel and Portainer. Also, we have created and configured 3 docker containers. This is the setup we want to use for production. But setting users and creating and configuring containers for every new NetPI is error prone. We would like to avoid this manual procedure.
Is there a way how to do the device setup automatically, thus eliminating possibility for errors?
One way, that we have thought about, is to create an image from NetPI’s SD card (when configured) and then to use it as a base image for new NetPIs, by recovering that image to their SD cards.

Thanks for reply,

  running ethercat slave
Posted by: MGharat - December-9th-2019, 01:20 PM - Forum: Projects - Replies (6)

I have compiled the below image 

  • hilschernetpi/netpi-netx-programming-examples
After excecuting ethercat slave examples, I get as below output as attached screenshot --is it the correct? EtherCAt interface is ready to use ?
Also how I can get ESI file ? I checkd t github..but how I can take it for download into Master?

Thanks & BR

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  file folder with netPI RTE
Posted by: MGharat - December-5th-2019, 05:28 AM - Forum: Software - Replies (1)


one of our customer wants to create folder on netpi & save data. He is trying as per attached screenshot...

Can you please guide if it is correct onee to mention path of folder ?

Thanks & BR

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