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  CODESYS automation server video
Posted by: Armin@netPI - November-11th-2019, 01:36 PM - Forum: News - No Replies

We have prepared a video  showing how the CODESYS automation server is used in conjunction with netPI and an existing CODESYS project to control/manage it from remote over the Internet.

Click the link to watch the video: https://youtu.be/mwZL0vWsoYU

Please keep in mind that the video was made during Automation Server's BETA test phase where it's usage was for free.


  Scanning for netPI IP address - IP scanner tool helps
Posted by: Armin@netPI - November-5th-2019, 06:48 PM - Forum: Hardware - No Replies

A fresh netPI is configured to receive its IP address through a DHCP server.

netPI's Web-GUI can be opened using its IP address then or using its Hostname instead for an easy identification. The netPI default Hostname is printed on the housing label.

Sometimes you may not have visual access to the netPI label and struggle which IP address your netPI has received through the DHCP server.

For adressing this topic the Windows tool "Avanced IP Scanner" found on the internet is good for: https://www.advanced-ip-scanner.com/. The site offers a free download.

Enter the range of IP addresses you wanna scan e.g. and you will get a list of found network devices, their names and their IP addresses.

Finding a netPI on your network can't be easier.


  How to save node-red flows persistent?
Posted by: hsammer - November-5th-2019, 02:25 PM - Forum: Software - Replies (2)


I’m using hilschernetpi/netpi-nodered:latest. So far everything is fine.
But now I wonder how to save my flows in a persistent way.
The official node-red documentation tells that beginning with version 1.0 
setting, user and flow directory resides within /data directory which should be mapped to a persistent volume.
By the way the documentation mentions that this directory should be owned by the user node-red (1000:1000).

I have no glue how to do this on the netPi (running Firmware Version
The log of above image gives me the following output.

Welcome to Node-RED
5 Nov 12:57:42 - [info] Node-RED version: v0.20.8
5 Nov 12:57:42 - [info] Node.js  version: v8.16.1
5 Nov 12:57:42 - [info] Linux 4.9.80-rt62 arm LE
5 Nov 12:57:43 - [info] Loading palette nodes
5 Nov 12:57:55 - [s7comm-Info] - Debug configuration for logLevelNodeS7:{"debug":0,"silent":true}
5 Nov 12:57:55 - [s7comm-Info] - Debug configuration for logLevelNodeRED:{"debug":2,"silent":true}
5 Nov 12:57:59 - [info] Dashboard version 2.16.3 started at /ui
5 Nov 12:58:00 - [info] Settings file  : /root/.node-red/settings.js
5 Nov 12:58:00 - [info] Context store  : 'default' [module=memory]
5 Nov 12:58:00 - [info] User directory : /root/.node-red
5 Nov 12:58:00 - [warn] Projects disabled : editorTheme.projects.enabled=false
5 Nov 12:58:00 - [info] Flows file     : /root/.node-red/flows_xxxxxxx.json
5 Nov 12:58:00 - [info] Creating new flow file
5 Nov 12:58:00 - [warn] 

So how to map /root/.node-red directory to any persistent volume?

Editing settings.js doesn't help either because this file is destroyed too at a container restart.

P.S.: I have searched the forum many times but didn’t find any answer. So I wonder again if nobody else has this problem. Maybe I missed something.

  Fieldbus Ports not working
Posted by: Schoko - October-23rd-2019, 09:11 AM - Forum: Software - Replies (7)


i have to use the Fieldbus Ports as normal Ethernet Ports. I installed the Docker Container as explained here: https://github.com/HilscherAutomation/ne...hernet-lan

I cant get any access to the ports, not even the LED of the Ports are blinking

With another netPi RTE3 its working.

Docker Log:
starting ssh ...

Starting OpenBSD Secure Shell server: sshd.

Waiting for added 'cifx0' network interface ...

'cifx0' network interface not ready in time

nnot find device "cifx0"

nnot find device "cifx0"

cifx0 ip address/subnet mask set to

  USB Enumareted Device List
Posted by: IBeRyUS - October-22nd-2019, 11:52 AM - Forum: Hardware - Replies (5)

Hi ,

Is there anyway to see enumareted USB devices on host side? I'm trying to connect our board through USB connection which uses CDC class. Docker image is netpi-netx-programming-examples. I tried to map /dev/ttyACM0 but I'm not so sure is it true name or not.

Any suggestions or ideas for how to access USB devices through docker containers?


  Cannot start container
Posted by: Magnus - October-16th-2019, 08:17 AM - Forum: Software - Replies (7)


I have tried many times to follow all instructions on how to setup a netPi RTE 3 to work as
a Codesys RTE master for etherCat, ie a PLC.

I have come so far that I am online to the device from a google chrome browser.
No it did not work with address of the network interface. I had to find the taken
DHCP ip-adress and browse to that one.
I have activated the docker service.
I have added a container and follows all instructions how to fill out the parameters,
But every time it fails when I try to start the container.

It says

No such Image: hilschernetpi/netpi-codesys-basis

What to do??

netPI RTE 3 is new item. Portainer is version 1.12.4

Best Regards
Magnus Torell

Wink How to access Root Directory
Posted by: Rajesh3128 - October-16th-2019, 07:26 AM - Forum: Software - Replies (8)


I am required to access the root directory. Please find attached.

In order to install influxDB, we had updated the firmware. The installation could not be done. 

Requesting assist for the same.


  Central CODESYS PLC management from all over the world
Posted by: Armin@netPI - October-15th-2019, 05:04 PM - Forum: News - No Replies

CODESYS V3.5.8.0 or higher features an Internet Automation Server enabling remote management of any CODESYS SoftPLC from all over the world.
The server can be used additionally with any project that has been created already.

Here are the steps to use the Automation Server with netPI. (CODESYS Control and CODESYS Edge Gateway needs to be running on netPI already)

1. Apply for your personal Internet Automation Server address (Hostname) in the CODESYS Store first. The store returns you a Server URL after it was sucessfully created. Remind it for later use.

2. Create the server administrator user account using a link to a setup page received through an email

3. Open your CODESYS Development System and install the additional package Automation Server Connector. Restart CDS.

4. Open your existing project to want to upload to the server. Use the new top menu function Automation Server / Connect Project to Server ... . Enter the Server URL received in step 1, click ok and your project will be uploaded to the server. Enter the administrator credentials when asked.

5. Make netPI known on the Automation Server as well. Use Automation Server / Connect Edge Gateway ... . Enter the Server URL received in step 1, the gateway address (or IP address and port) of your netPI and click ok.

6. Visit the Server URL and login with the admin credentials. Under PLCs / List View your netPI Edge gateway / CODESYS runtime will be offered for a Detail view. Under Applications / CODESYS Projects your uploaded CODESYS project (offline set) will be offered. The tap Applications / Applications will show you the currently running projects and their status.

7. Using the tap Applications / Applications / Details / Update all allows you to install specific uploaded CODESYS projects to your netPI

  netPI access for remote PLC confign
Posted by: MGharat - October-15th-2019, 07:44 AM - Forum: Software - Replies (3)

Dear Armin,

One of our customer wants to configure the PLC from a remote location.
Can netPI  be used along with 2 containers - Codesys + open VPN connection?


  Dual RS485 Ports
Posted by: primmer - September-25th-2019, 09:24 AM - Forum: Hardware - Replies (2)

Are you able to produce a bespoke version of the RS485 expansion module which provides 2 x RS485 communications ports?