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Hi Armin,

I hope we can connect OPC DA server or client through our netfield connect/onpremise gateway as OPC UA server or client. did we tested  ?

we get many enquiries for converting OPC DA to OPC UA as well.


OPC DA is a specification from year 1996 and was able to run on Windows machines only. It needs Microsofts COM and DCOM technology which is not available on Linux based systems.

Hilscher had an OPC DA server (as far as I know) running on a PC in combination with fieldbus/real-time ethernet CIF PC cards or CIFX PC cards but in no way it runs on an embedded gateways like netFIELD Connect or netPI.

Because OPC DA is so proprietary and running on Windows only the OPC foundation invented the "open" OPC UA some years ago which has a very small footprint and runs on embedded machines without using any specific technology like COM/DCOM and hence is it not only running under Windows.

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