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  Getting started on the netPI
Posted by: 217004326 - February-9th-2021, 12:47 PM - Forum: Software - Replies (1)

Good day all, I just joined this forum roughly 15 minutes ago for the purpose of want to clarify on the capabilities of the netPI core or RTE. It may sound like a newbie question but please bared with me. I have programed on the Raspberry PI 3, which allowed me to control the IO pins of the board and interact with the external environment.  I want to find out,

1. Am I still able to write programs to communicate with the outside environment?
2. If so, then is this device more of a control and monitoring device where some other peripheral is performing I/O interactions?
3. Is there a provider in South Africa

  netPI core wifi connection
Posted by: MGharat - February-5th-2021, 07:19 AM - Forum: Hardware - Replies (1)

Hello Armin,

we observe many problems regarding wifi access with  netPI.

today we are supporting to one of our customer , but netPI is not getting WLAN IP address automatically even after connecting to customer's  wifi network.
after 5-6 times , we tried connection, then it got IP address.

Is some restrictions there?


  requirement : reading of ethrnet/ip data & storing
Posted by: MGharat - January-29th-2021, 11:59 AM - Forum: Software - Replies (6)

Hello Armin,

One of our customer has below requirement:

1] wants to read data from AB PLC ( Etehrnet/IP Scanner) & send to azure cloud . 
2] store the plc data into  gateway in case of cloud communication breaks & update data again after reestablishment of cloud connection.
3] remote access of PLC 

So I hope we can do this application with netPI RTE 32 GB + Tosibox. we already tested ok 1] & 3] with netPI RTE. 
About 2] can you please confrim how this can be implemneted?

please advise.

Thanks & BR

Posted by: MGharat - January-27th-2021, 10:38 AM - Forum: Hardware - Replies (4)

Dear Armin,

As earlier mentioned by you on forum , we can connect LoraWAN modems to netPI.

where I can get more information about the same ? what is the part code for netPI in that case ? 

Please suggest.

Thanks in advance


  Configuring S7-1200 PLC to communicate with node-red ...
Posted by: Cman587 - January-27th-2021, 05:19 AM - Forum: Projects - Replies (3)

Hello, I am a student currently working on a project where I am trying to read and write data from node-red to PLC and vice versa. I have got a few questions regarding the hardware connection of the netPi to S7-1200 PLC.

The way I did my setting:
1. The IP address of the netPi is configured under the path of Edge Gateway default browser>Control Panel>Network>LAN.
2. Then I configured the Wi-fi connection so that netPi can communicate with its default browser through Wi-fi instead of LAN.
3. The netPi was initially connected to PC using a switch, where the LAN and 'fieldbus in' port is connected to the switch.
4. To configure the PLC program, I dowloaded the netPi GSD file and added it into the TIA portal. 

1. When I plugged in both the 'fieldbus in' and 'fieldbus out' port to the same switch, the TIA portal cannot detect the netPi device at all, however when I removed one of the fieldbus conenction leaving either 'fieldbus in' or 'fieldbus out' connected to the switch, TIA portal is able to detect the netPi. Then I tried to download the program into the connected PLC, an error of I/O device cannot be reached occur in the TIA portal.

1. How should I connect the netPi to PLC so that TIA portal can detect the netPi, is it through either of the fieldbus connection only (in or out)?
2. I have set the IP address of the netPi GSD file to be the same in the netPi default browser under the path of Edge Gateway default browser>Control Panel>Network>LAN, but the the same error of 'I/O device' cannot be found occur when I checked the online diagnostic of the netPI in TIA portal, could anyone please guide me through how the setup should be done properly?

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Attached Files
.pdf   Connection.pdf (Size: 809.69 KB / Downloads: 7)

  Incorrect T2O Data Being Sent
Posted by: fraser-iotech - January-26th-2021, 05:22 PM - Forum: Software - Replies (1)

Hello I am currently using the netHAT product as an EtherNet/IP adapter where I am also running the example application that increments the 32 bytes of T2O data by 1 every second. I have it connected to a scanner and can see the T2O data increasing each second. However, the first four bytes seem to never change, always stuck on 1, 0, 0, 0 as shown in the screen shot provided. The T2O data thats printed to the terminal on the PI looks fine, its just when the data is sent over to the scanner. I was just wondering anyone knows if there is a fix for this?

Many thanks,

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  Profinet to Siemens PLC
Posted by: j.langlois - January-26th-2021, 03:48 PM - Forum: Software - Replies (4)


I'm definitely not an expert in profinet and PLC but I've been reading lots of posts on this forum and it got me confused.

We want to exchange information between a PLC and the netPI RTE with PROFINET.

We plugged one of the fieldbus port into a siemens profinet ET 200S (I currently don't know what PLC we are using). On TIA portal we made the connection using the GSD file and gave a name and an IP to the netPI. We are using the netpi-nodered container (latest) and inside nodered, we use the fieldbus node. We correctly created the profinet table with a simple send (1 byte) and receive (1 byte). We made the same table in TIA. When we deploy the flow, everything is green and TIA portal shows that the connection is correct. This is working because if we change the netPI profinet table, TIA portals shows an error related a profinet table mismatch. We use a send fieldbus node and a receive one. They are correctly mapped to an inject node and a debug console.

When we deploy, we have a first receive message from profinet, with no error, showing a value of 0 (but the value in the PLC is not zero). Even if we change a value in the PLC, nodered does not detect it (it does not even receive a message from profinet). When we send a value, the PLC does not detect it either. It feels just like they are writing and reading in a different address but everything is properly configured.

What got me confused is the s7comm node. In a post, I saw that if we want to exchange data with the PLC, the s7comm node should be used over the main Ethernet port of the netPI (not the 2xRJ45 card). So basically we are not talking about profinet anymore ? We should'nt use the fieldbus card to exchange data with the PLC ?

Sorry if my questions are a bit... obvious to answer for you, but I'm definitely not an expert and even my coworkers (dealing with PLC stuff) are kinda confused because they don't really know nodered and the netPI technology  Sad

Best regards


  wifi MAC is changing
Posted by: j.langlois - January-26th-2021, 02:55 PM - Forum: Software - Replies (3)


I tried to connect my netPI RTE to our company wifi. 
The problem is that the wifi MAC address seems to change like every 5minutes in the control pannel (see attachment).
When I refresh the page, a new one appears regularly.

We have a WIFI MAC company policy that only allows connection with known MAC.

I don't know is there is any fake MAC generator on this software and if that's not the case I have absolutely no idea of what is going on.

I don't think this might be a Docker problem. We have a netpi-nodered container running.

Has this happened before ?  Huh


J. L.

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  Wi-fi in Access Point mode
Posted by: Renato75 - January-25th-2021, 10:42 AM - Forum: Software - Replies (3)

Hi Armin, before wasting hours in testing, I don't remember if I can connect via AccessPoint to the Gateway and then I can ping an instrument on the Eth0 network.
Once connected to the access point, I can ping the IP address of Eth0 but not the instrument on the same network as the Eth0 port.
Do I need to enter any rules?
Could this thing be done in both the netPI and an Edge Gateway?

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.docx   Test.docx (Size: 21.83 KB / Downloads: 0)

  Portainer password reset
Posted by: r.nilles - January-25th-2021, 10:12 AM - Forum: Software - Replies (1)

Hello everybody,

we bought a netPI CORE 3 and configured it.
We defined username and password for portainer.io and everthing went well.
But 2 days later we tried to authentificate in portainer.io and received message "Invalid Credentials".
How can we reset portainer password? Huh

Thanks in advance.