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  Using Windows Containers
Posted by: a.w.d.m. - July-16th-2019, 12:34 PM - Forum: Software - Replies (3)

Is it possible to run containers from Windows-Images on a netPI?

  Reboot NetPI
Posted by: a.w.d.m. - July-16th-2019, 08:50 AM - Forum: Hardware - Replies (3)

I'm currently following this FAQ in order to update NetPIs frimware. It says I have to reboot it. How do I do that? Is it save to just pull the plug and put it back in again or do I have to do something else?

  32 vs 64 bit OS
Posted by: dcatteeu - July-10th-2019, 09:53 AM - Forum: Software - Replies (3)


I currently have a Raspberry Pi 3 model B to develop software that will run on the NetPi. The Raspberry Pi 3 model B has a 64 bit processor but runs a 32 bit OS. The NetPi has the same processor as the Raspberry Pi, but a different OS. 

1. Does the NetPi run a 32bit or 64bit Yocto Linux?

2. If it is a 64bit OS, I'd like to run a 64bit OS on the Raspberry Pi as well. What do you recommend?


  System software V1.2.0.0 out now!
Posted by: Armin@netPI - July-8th-2019, 03:44 PM - Forum: News - No Replies

With this recovery software release V1.2.0.0 we will be providing the following changes:

  • Preset 4 NTP time giving servers avoiding users from manually entering NTP servers (often forgotten) during initial commissioning 
  • Update to portainer.io version 1.20.1
  • Update to Docker version 18.09.2
  • Forced disclaimer acceptance during initial admin password setup
  • New dialog "Routes" in Control Panel to setup IP network routing outside the context of containers
  • New dialog "Firewall" in Control Panel to select different firewall profiles
  • New dialog "Cellular" in Control Panel to configure optional cellular modems (future use)
As usual you find the software ready for your download in the download section here: https://www.netiot.com/netpi/industrial-raspberry-pi-3/. The same location applies for the documentation how to get your netPI updated in the section For Developers under FAQ.

From that version V1.2.0.0 on we will be providing in future an upgrade package additionally that does not to clear the whole content of the existing netPI file system any longer and just upgrades relevant software parts only while keeping the rest like existing containers untouched.


  [SOLVED] Pull Docker Image
Posted by: a.w.d.m. - July-8th-2019, 09:31 AM - Forum: Software - Replies (8)

When I try to pull any docker image, the only thing that happens is the name of the image and the registry disappear and nothing gets pulled.

  [SOLVED] Use larger SD-Card with original Hilscher-Image
Posted by: Andi - July-5th-2019, 10:27 AM - Forum: Hardware - Replies (3)

Hello everyone,

since Revision #2 it is possible to change the micro-sd-card of the netPi. Therefore it is possible to use larger micro-sd-cards as the original 8GB-one. Since I like the original Hilscher-Image with its security features quite a lot, I would not want to miss it on a larger sd-card.

Therefore I have backuped the original Image with win32-Disk-Imager, which worked well. I was also able to flash this image to the new card using balenaEtcher. When I inserted the new card into the netPi, everything worked well. The only problem is that I forgot to extend the filesystem/logical Volume on the new card to be able to use the additional space. So my 16 GB-card still worked like a 8 GB-one. After googeling, try and error, I actually managed to extend the Logical Volume which is used by the netPi for storing our data, with the underlying volume group and physical volume. After that I was able to use the complete 16-GBs of the new card on this netPi.

I thought "hey, now I know what to do" and wrote a quick manual of how to do the extension. Trying this at the second netPi, I wasn't able to do it again. After hours of trying, I surrendered and found a kind of a "hack" which helped me out. I flashed the Image of netPi(1), which I was able to sucessfully extend to 16GBs, to the netPi(2). After that of course the netPi(2) did not boot, since the Hardware-ID of the netPi did not match the hardware-ID written to the image by Hilscher. But I managed to change the hardware-ID wirtten to the Image by coping one Partition of the original netPi(2)'s Image to the 16-GB Image of netPI(1). Now I am able to reproduce 16GB netPi Images, but as you might guess, I can't handle e.g. 32GB cards now  Blush

To cut a long story short.....Would anyone who is trying to do the same/has done the same and is more into filesystems and logical volumes than me be willing to share his way of doing it with me (and everyone else) in form of a quick manual? Or would one of the Support-Team be that kind? Rolleyes 

Thanks in advance,

  [SOLVED] Docker issues
Posted by: AlexRegev - June-18th-2019, 03:03 PM - Forum: Software - Replies (7)


I'm having trouble installing new containers on my NetPI RTE plarform.
I'm getting errors such as 
"Unexpected token < in JSON at positions 1"


"Cannot read property 'replace' of null

It keeps on happening with different containers but sometimes the installation is successful.
I am following your installation instructions exactly. 

Appreciate your help on this.


In addition i have constant red LED set on the NetPI (Err NS) I'm not sure if this is related but i'm wondering what is causing that.

  Ready-to-deploy: full featured Node-RED container
Posted by: Armin@netPI - June-13th-2019, 08:18 PM - Forum: Software - Replies (5)

I am pleased about to announce you today the release of a full featured Node-RED container that includes all ever developed netPI specific Node-RED nodes (until now they were offered in separate containers). Those are

  • netpi-nodered-npix-rs232
  • netpi-nodered-npix-rs485
  • netpi-nodered-npix-io
  • netpi-nodered-npix-ai
  • netpi-nodered-user-leds
  • netpi-nodered-nxpix-leds
  • node-red-contrib-fieldbus (on netPI RTE 3 only)
  • node-red-contrib-fram (on netPI RTE 3 only)
Additionally it includes some community maintained nodes we feel they are a must have on netPI in case Node-RED is the choice. Those are

  • node-red-contrib-generic-ble
  • node-red-contrib-modbus
  • node-red-contrib-opcua
  • node-red-dashboard
As usual we are offering the container ready for your deployment on our netPI repository here.

Have fun with it.

  docker timing
Posted by: MGharat - June-13th-2019, 08:02 AM - Forum: Software - Replies (2)


Please find attached my schreenshot..I dont understand from where the timing information is dispalyed in Docker container?
This is not matching with my system



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  RS232 extension
Posted by: MGharat - June-12th-2019, 12:55 PM - Forum: Software - Replies (3)


I am trying with RS232 extension module , but the container image is not getting deployed..

How we can know, if the RS232 connector is properly detected during boot by netPI? NO LED glows on extension module...

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