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Hilscher netFIELD device
Dear Sir,

One of our customers following queries related to hilscher netFIELD device-

  1. Reading DB data from Siemens PLC on S7- Protocol
  2. Sample data file of data logged on OPC-UA in the netFIELD device
  3. Minimum read interval settings possible in netFIELD device for data reading from PLC/DCS
  4. Do we get any support from IBM for developing customized nodes in nodered?
  5. How to import bulk tags in nodered (for eg 250 tags on modbusTCP in one go)
  6. Would like go through modbusTCP protocol in detail saying reading multiple devices using nodered
  7. Is it possible to get the netFIELD device in our office for a week to get more familiar about the product
  8. Can data be pushed to tk MS Azure cloud and thereby use it in MS Power BI or similar tool like Grafana
  9. What is a data retention policy for netFIELD?
  10. Can we block shell access in user management?
  11. Will you supply Linux OS. iso file separately with the device?
  12. Throw some more light about the service support in case of emergency at site?
  13. How long the device will store data locally in netFIELD in case of loss of internet connection?
  14. How to debug all the tags/nodes smartly ; at the moment we believe that it has to be observed by name in the panel
  15. Does it support Edge computing inside, here I mean the rigorous big data calculations in the device and then push the calculated data to cloud.
  16. Are any API’s developed for this?
Request you to kindly answer these queries.

Hello Sandip,

this forum is a platform for all customers to help out in all cases they have trouble with device configuration, or device communication issues, or need answers on simple questions they need an instant answer for. Then the rest of the forum readers can participate in case they have the same issue and can learn from it.

The platform is not made for making an overall consultancy for a specific customer usually a sales team is responsible for. These questions have to be forwarded and discussed with your responsible Hilscher sales colleague at headquarter if you can't answer them.

Here is what I can contribute

1. With netFIELD there is no container any more available to read/write S7 data. We did that once with Node-RED at times we call our solution netIOT. But meanwhile we changed to netFIELD which offers some Hilscher containers only, while customers have to deploy a standard and public Node-RED container of the community. So we are no longer responsible for a public Node-RED with netFIELD
2. Do not understand this question. Hilscher supports an OPC UA Client and Server container under netFIELD. Do you mean these containers?
3. A netFIELD device only is not able to read PLC/DCS data. It needs software doing so. So which software do you mean to read data from PLC?
4. No. Under netFIELD Hilscher is transparent to any software running on our device except those that is developed by Hilscher. Node-RED does not come from Hilscher, so its responsibility lies in the community.
5. Node-RED is not our software. So it is not our responsibility.
6. Once again. Node-RED is not our software. Under netFIELD we tell customers they can load any container to netFIELD devices. If customers want to use Node-RED, they can load the container from here https://hub.docker.com/r/nodered/node-red
7. This has to be negotiated with your sales representative at Hilscher HQ
8. Once again under netFIELD a device is transparent to any softzware. So the decision if a netFIELD device sends data to MS Azure or Google Cloud or Amazon AWS cloud is made by the end customer depending on the container he deploys on the device
9. The feature data retention right now is not available. So if a netFIELD device sends data to netFIELD Cloud using the socalled platform connector container, then this data is nowhere stored.
10. Yes sure. You can disable the SSH service in the Web-UI of a netFIELD device
11. No this is not possible. With the latest version of our edge gateway netFIELD Connect, we are supporting secure boot. So each device gets a signed OS that fits to the devices serial number. So each OS and its keys is slightly different per device. So there can never ne a single .iso file. OS updates are provided here ehttps://kb.hilscher.com/display/NO/netFIELD+OS+-+Core+system+software+and+runtimes+making+devices+netFIELD+Cloud+managable
12. Service is offered by Hilscher HQ from 9 AM to 5 PM only.
13. Once again. A netFIELD Device without any software does not store any data. Since customer an deploy their own software based on containers they can store it as long as they want with their own software
14. All Hilscher offered containers under netFIELD are written in the modern way to make all data available on an MQTT broker. A broker has the advantage to distribute all published data to any connected MQTT client. So to extend this basic setup by a "debug function" is quite easy. You could add your own software to netFIELD device which works as an MQTT client and subscribes to all data that is held in the MQTT broker. So then it will receive all data and hence can be debugged. Or customer installs an MQTT client on his Windows machine for example and connects to the MQTT broker in the device. Then this windows client also receives all data in the device
15. Once again. A netFIELD device is 100% transparent to the software running inside by using container techniques. So the customer decides whether or not a device support AI or Edge computing based on his demands
16. Customer decides on his software by himself. So defining API is a matter of the customer's software, not of Hilscher.
You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

Dear Armin,
     Customer have few queries on your IIOT gateway modules. Like how many sets of registers can be configured in Modbus TCP/IP to MQTT protocol, how many registers are in a single call, and the time for each call.

Hello Sandip,

you are asking spcificall about Modbus TCP/IP ... so which gateway you are talking about? What is the part number or the part name? And next question ... is the customer using a remotely manageable "netFIELD Gateway" or one of our basic "netIOT Gateways"?

So your question it too unspecific ... so how do I know?
You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

Customer using a remotely manageable "netFIELD Gateway" -yes
Ok next question ... this device from Hilscher's perspective does not offer Modbus TCP/IP by default. So which software is used on this device to provide Modbus TCP functionality?

Edited: So what I wanted to say is that it depends on the software used on the edge device deciding on the number of Modbus TCP or RTU devices, not the device itself. So there is no general answer on this question.
You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)


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