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Data Logging into On-premise Gateway
Dear Armin,

Hope you are doing good!

Now I got a new application requirement from the customer, they want to log/save data inside the On-Premise gateway in case of Wifi connectivity gets failed.

The application description is below.

1) Read Siemens PLC Data over the S7-comm node or Profinet IO communication connectivity into our On-Premise Gateway.
2) Then send this data to the MySQL server which is running locally on the customer's PC, so it will be WiFi connectivity between our On-Premise gateway and PC MySQL server, now the customer is asking if WiFi connectivity gets lost/disconnected (between our gateway & PC) in that case our Gateway will log the data inside Gateway Memory, & then after once the WiFi connection get back to connected (with our gateway) it will send data again on PC in real-time and gateway logged data.

So please guide me on how we can proceed task.

Devendra Songra
Hello Devendra,

well first of all I am asking myself which protocol is used to send data over Wifi from OnPremise to the MySQL database?

Second question is does this protocol return an error in case the connection to the MySQL database failed due to a time out maybe?

So only in case the protocol indicates any error back to the sending application running on OnPremise in all cases the connection got lost due to malfunctions like Wifi card got a defect, the MySQL server went down, the Wifi connection got instable. If there are no errors indicated then you will never have any chance to detect an error in the customers application. So it is not a matter of hardware and onpremise it is only a software issue.

In case there is an error with the remote MYSQL connection you could easily run a local MySQL database container inside OnPremise and write data temporarily to it instead.

You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)


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