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Mylive zone Virtual training equipment
Dear Armin,

The customer wants online demo netFILED Gateway for https://mylivezone.com/en/project/hilscher/

Last time we check -https://mylivezone.com/en/project/hilscher/ - netConnect Gateway demo available .

Mylive zone update the netconnect to netfiled .Please help us.

Sandip Ahire
This is not a real project initiated by Hilscher HQ. From the phone number I see that this is a phone number from Hilscher Subsidiary Switzerland. So they are basically responsible for this demo and not the HQ. Get in touch with them. I see an Email link on the web site https://mylivezone.com/en/project/hilscher/. I think you should get in touch with them over this email link.

The Hilscher HQ is not able to give support for this demo. Nobody knows but Hilscher Swiss.

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