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Node Red configuration - LucioFiam - November-26th-2022

Hi, the device is netIOT Edge Gateway NIOT-E-TPI51-EN-RE (Connect) V1.2.1.0

This device has preinstalled node-red software.

I need to enable httpauth in node-settings file and also secure dashboard access. 

How do I access and then modify this file?


RE: Node Red configuration - Armin@netPI - November-26th-2022


the preinstalled 3rd party software Node-RED can't be changed unfortunately by any user under OS software V1.xxx conditions. It is/was a reference example implementation of Node-RED which lasts back 5 years when we started with "Connect" gateway and covers maybe 50% of standard Node-RED customers. The only chance with the V1.x software generation is to disable the preinstalled Node-RED and load it as a container as a current and up to date version from here https://hub.docker.com/r/nodered/node-red. With this Docker based Node-RED you have all the possbilities you want as it is described on the official Node-RED home page.

Wth OS software generation V2.xxx we learned from this disadvantage not to be able to edit Node-RED and removed it completely from the main OS. Here customers must run Node-RED as a Docker container in any case. But then they are getting full access of all functions Node-RED embeds and they can chose also the version they want to use by themselves.


RE: Node Red configuration - LucioFiam - November-30th-2022

Ok, thanks. But I cannot upgrade to the V2.x OS this device?

RE: Node Red configuration - Armin@netPI - November-30th-2022


upgrading to version V2.x was just a recommendation from my side. I just wanted to explain to you that we learned from the past and version V1.x and removed a static Node-RED version from the OS in version 2.x.

So back to your current device running OS version V1.x. An upgrade from OS version 1.x to 2.x is not needed, since also the software version 1.x supports Docker and container technology. So feel free now to use the Node-RED docker container I recommended in my previous post and deploy it on your exisiting system as it is running today under OS version 1.x