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NIOT-E-TPI51-EN-RE Firmware not functional
Hello together,

yesterday i got a NIOT-E-TPI51-EN-RE with firmware locked and unfunctional.

The only way go get it breathing again was to make a USB - Recovery.

I thought the problem with file system corruption was fixed with firmware, isn't it?

Is the latest Firmware?

Kind regards,


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Hello Carsten,

the screen shot tells me that this problem is not of the type you are refereniing in your post. Version lower than V1.2.2.0 had a problem where specifically the docker engine did not start any more whic was corrected indeed in V1.2.2.0.

But as you know the netPI system works wtth an SD card as storage media. And even if the file system we are using on this SD card is of type "ext4" which is a journaling file system and usually self healing in case of incompleted write accesses caused by a power drop ... there is still a risk (on ALL Linux machines or Window Machines in general) that data/file system on the SD card is getting corrupt when a write access to this SD card is incomplete due to a power failure and system relevant information is affected. And this is exactly what must have happened to this device before.

You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

Hello Armin,

ok - let's assume this is inevitable. How to help a customer having this issue?

1. Send a newly configurated Box
--> safe but takes time

2a. Send recovery data
2b. Customer can reset to factory default by USB-Stick
2c. Send backup image
2d. Customer uploads the backup image
--> needs IT experience at customer side, is really everything in the backup file?

3. Send a image file of the SD-Card
--> possible ?

Which ways are possible?

Kind regards,

Well supposing the netPI image is a constant thing, the device is well configured and operating as it should ... then

a. indeed the TPI device supports the socalled backup function which is saving all the relevant data on the SD card inclusive the loaded docker containers to a single file. This can be stored aside and be used with the USB recovered device to restore all the previous settings and data. But it needs two steps the customer needs to be familiar with inclusive finding a properly working USB stick that USB recovery works with. A risky thing.

b. another way which I would prefer is to backup the whole SD card image manually. This needs to
* unscrew the 4 housings screws
* slight up the upper housing part to get it removed
* push the SD card to get it thrown out
* put it in external an SD card reader,
* get an 1:1 image copy of the 8/32GByte image using Win32DiskImager
* put back the SD Card
* shift the housing parts together
* screw the 4 back to their place

you can do all this without losing any guarantee. And then I personally would deliver a separate SD card containing the 1:1 SD card image copy to the customer along with the device. Then he is able to exchange later the "broken" SD card with the previously well prepared card in 5 minutes just in case and gets his application back to running state nearly immediately. The replaced card he can use by the way again to overwrite it with the image copy again to have it well prepared for any next incoming problem.

c. Since mostly all the knowledge/function lies in the Docker containers themselves you can save each Docker container separately as single file. But a recovery needs someone who reloads all the container back into the device after it was USB recovered inclusive all the set container parameters. I feel this is the most complicated process and not feasible for a customer to do.

You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)


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