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netPI Docker REST API for versions >= V1.1.4.0
netPI web GUI portainer.io offers a REST API to control netPI Docker daemon from remote. All that is needed is a HTTPS capable client that is addressing the API function over REST.

To understand how it works I created a new Node-RED (includes a HTTPS client) based flow. It is compatible with netPI software versions >= (for more details click HERE)
The flow includes a login, how to list containers, images, how to pull an image, create a container, start and stop it and ALSO how to push a container from netPI back to Docker registry.

Find appended the Node-RED flow you can test yourself. Open the flow file and copy its content to the clipboard and import it with "import/clipboard" in Node-RED using the top right menu pane. 

For older netPI software versions (< V1.1.4.0) you find the Node-RED flow HERE.

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