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REST API server data communication
Hi Armin,

one of our customer wants to use REST APIs & communicate with his server software . Further this  server data is to be passed to an OPC UA client through our netPI gateway.

I attached herewith customer software RESET API document for your reference.

Can we use here netPI RTE to collect data from customer server ( over eth0) REST API communication & then transfer it to OPC-UA ( over Fieldbus port) ?


Attached Files
.pdf   10TE823 AM8 API Center v1.0 (1).pdf (Size: 723.45 KB / Downloads: 1)

Node-RED supports a "http request" node ever since which is used to call RESTapi functions like GET,POST,DELETE etc.

There are many examples how to use it like this post here https://stevesnoderedguide.com/node-red-...-beginners. But don't hesitate to find your own web links.

So once you have the data available via the http request node in the context in Node-RED you can pass this data to an OPC UA client node which in turn sends this data to an OPC UA server. Since OPC UA is TCP/IP based protocol it doesn't matter if the connection goes across eth0 or the optional RTE port cifx0. Both will work.

For a minimum viable product test I recommend to run "Node-RED for windows" first and make simple plausibility pretests of the nodes "http request" and "OPC UA client" on a PC since both just need a LAN interface to run prior any netPI tests. If this works then it will run on netPI also with Node-RED running in a container.

You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

Thanks Armin for your guidance, I will try this test .

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