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https certificate issues in new nodered docker image

I have an issue with the new ssl certificate. I’m want to access some html-sites via nodered, using http-in nodes with GET request types. When accessing these through the browser, the browsers security features react to this “unsecure” ssl-certificate. Adding the certificate to different tested browser didn’t resolve the issue. Furthermore the newer image seems more demanding to the system and there were noticeable performance issues since the new image was used on the netpi.

Is there a possibility to deactivate the ssl encryption?
Does the new docker image need more memory or CPU in comparison to the old one?

Thanks in advance

please help me out. You speak about a new image, but which image exactly I can't read anywhere in your text. What is the old and what is a new image. Pls explain. Also you say a "new ssl certificate" ... where is this web site installed. A local one? An official web-site on the internet I can access to too? To a new web site? Is it your web site? Why was the certificate changed? I do not understand to be honest

Then you write you want to access html-sites (https I think) via node-red ... this is I suppose your final goal, right?

But then you continue to write that instead (or as alternative) you try to access these https:// sites via browsers. And a usual reaction of browsers to https web sites the certificate is missing is that they declare them as insecure and you have manually confirm to access them. This is explainable. But then by 100% if you add the correct certificate to a browser - and I did that many times - it will no longer ask for confirmation. So your certificate seems not to be correct.

You ask to disable ssl encryption? Where do you want to disable it? In node-red or in the web browsers or on the web-site? If I read your text It could have been there places.

And again "new docker image more memory". Which one compared to which one? I do not understand.

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