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netfield onpremise V2.2 testing
Hello Armin,

Good Morning.

Now I have did factory reset to this netFIELD gateway, In NetFIELD gateway there is already a server.conf & static.key files are available in /etc/openvpn folder, so it means NetFIELD gateway act as a OpenVPN server, please confirm.

If yes then what are the steps we have to perform in NetFIELD gateway (as you did). please give me procedure documents or steps, to proceed further.


the files you found in this folder are example files only. They are automatically installed during the installation of the overall "openvpn" service. Hilscher has not created them and also we do not know anything about their content.

Since these files are just example files they are useless and needs to be created by the user depending on his personal physical setup, network settings, internet router, internet setup instead. This means in turn that netFIELD Connect gateway cannot work as OpenVPN server by default because each place of operation is different and has a different setup. So your assumption is wrong that netFIELD Connect gateway is an OpenVPN server by default.

Since OpenVPN is not a Hilscher product and an open community prodject like Node-RED for example it is well documented on the Internet at https://openvpn.net/community-resources/...troduction. So you need to dive into this documentation and understand how this service works. We at Hilscher have no expert for OpenVPN and no documentation about OpenVPN.

But why are you asking this time about OpenVPN server function. Last week you asked about OpenVPN client function. So which function are you searching for? I don't understand.
You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

Hello Armin,

I am Sorry, The reason is why I am asking, still we are not clear, as our NetFIELD Gateway is act as a OpenVPN Server or OpenVPN Client.

What I am thinking our Gateway will act as a OpenVPN Server, and we have to export OpenVPN client .ovpn file to access this NetFIELD gateway on Laptop. please correct me if i am wrong (concept). 

So first we have to create OpenVPN server file into NetFIELD Gateway with the given link  follow the procedure (https://openvpn.net/community-resources/...troduction), then create OpenVPN client .ovpn file inside of NetFIELD Gateway in /etc/openvpn file folder, then export the OpenVPN Client .ovpn file which will be use on Laptop in OpenVPN connect application.

Please confirm me for above to proceed testing.

Well for a single VPN tunnel itself it does not matter if the netFIELD Connect gateway works as OpenVPN Server or as Client. But it matters from the overall structure what shall be realized for the end customer.

So how many netFIELD Connect gateways shall be installed worldwide? Is it just a single one? Are these netFIELD Connect gateways located on multiple positions? If not are they connected all to a single Internet router only, or are they connected multiple Internet routers. On the other side ... what hardware is used as counterpart? Shall it be a normal PC ... or are there multiple PCs? And and and ...

I think the best is to get clearance about the whole network structure with our Martin Volkmar first before taling across the forum. Else we are waisting time. Get in contact with him first and introduce what you are willing to realize.
You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)


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