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Data logger
Well I think without modifying the Influxdb container in accordance to your demand you will not succeed that influxdb container will store the data to your USB drive.

If just read the InfluxDB container readme from here it says the default folder the database is stored to is /var/lib/influxdb. So I don't understand where you have got the information from that the database is stored under "/etc/init.d/influxdb"?

I remember a customer who uses the InfluxDB container like you with an external USB drive. He told me that he needed to edit the InfluxDB container start script file which is located here "/entrypoint.sh".

He added a "mount..." line like this to the start script

mount /dev/sda1 /var/lib/influxdb


Precondition for this example is of course that you have mapped the /dev/sda1 device to the InfluxDB container when you configured it.

You say that the InfluxDB container does not include an editor. But why do you not make a post installation of your preferred editor?

In the container overview list under the item "Quick actions" you have 4 small icons. One is a "Exce console" icon that opens a standard Linux console called in the context of the container. So you can do everything in the container as on a standard Linux. And then you can call a sequence like shown below to install the editor nano for example (which is my favorite) and then edit the /entrypoint.sh file

apt update
apt install nano
nano /entrypoint.sh

Then close the console and restart the container.

You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

It works!
You are my hero of the day Armin, thank you.

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