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[SOLVED] Portainer.IO. cannot log in
I recently purchased a netPI RTE 3 through amazon.
Initially the device would only boot partially, never actually starting the webserver.By browsing this forum i found the procedure to create a recovery USB drive.
I updated the Netpi and then was able to do complete boot.

Currently i can not log in to the portainer.io section. I activated docker but when i try to click on docker management and log in to portainer.io, it says my session is expired.
Does anyone know how to overcome this issue?
This is an easy one.

Please watch the "Getting starting" video here https://youtu.be/CB6bYfMbFhA

This video shows you that you need to set the netPI's system time prior of all other activities.

If not set the netPI's system time is far away (1970) from the browser time of your computer and in the view of portainer.io/browser the session seems to be expired.
You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

Time was manually set, but apparently i am not fully in the new year yet, since i entered 2018....

thank you so much!!!

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