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[SOLVED] How to update firmware

you will find a file "HOWTO.text" in your downloaded zip archive ("netPI 2019-07-1 V*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.zip").
This file contains a more detailed description of the upload procedure.

Excerpt from the howtoo:
"9.) At the end of the procedure the ACT LED stops flashing and goes to state "on" for a second and
then goes to state "off" forever. The recovery is finished."

Please check your USB stick (FAT32 formated, name of usb stick: "RECOVERY" ...).
The contents of the correct image must be unpacked flat on the USB stick.

For netPi Core use: "hilscher-niot-e-npi3-en-V*.*.*.*-recovery.zip"
For netPi RTE use : "hilscher-niot-e-npi3-51-en-re-V*.*.*.*-recovery.zip"

Best Regards
Ah, ok. I extracted the actual downloaded .zip onto the USB stick. I now updated the device according to the howto, but when I try to connect to it in Firefox, I get a PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR. In Chrome I can connect to it, but the https is stroke out.

Edit: Alright I waited 15 minuets and now it just works...
Yeah, that's right too.
The connection is encrypted, but chrome cannot verify the certificate.
This is only possible for public hostnames.

The above warning can be avoided by adding the domain as a security exception.

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