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CSI camera
Dear Armin,

In the following site, I found the description below:
>The CSI camera connector is available on the PCB but not populated on the PCBA.


I mounted (soldered) a CSI camera connector on netPI CORE 3.
I am now ordering a camera to connect it to the connector for a test use.
I will then use a Raspbian OS to test the camera.

I would appreciate it if you have any comments for the above test.
Best regards,
Well when it came to netPI 5 years ago, we dealt with the manufacturer AVID which of the original components from a standard Raspberry PI 3B we want to have also for netPI. Even it is hard to imagine that a local camera could be connected we decided to reserve space for the camera connector.

The connetor has never ever tested by anyone. Also it is not tested during PCBA production. I would just call it "for test purposes" only. Hilscher gives no guarantee that it works and is operating. My personal expectation is that it will work fine.

You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)


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