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[SOLVED] Memory storage
Hi Armin,

In catalogue netPI says 8 GB of NAND strorage, while when we access on netPI over webconfiguration, on info page , it shows as 6125 MB total available 
 & usage 50%



the type of memory card has been discussed here alread https://forum.hilscher.com/Thread-Memory-card-endurance.

Then I have to say that we have 4 partitions active on the SD card. One is the boot partition, another is a rescue partition, one is a system partition and another one a backup parition. They all have their special purpose and are needed. The most relevant one is the SYSTEM partition which is consuming about 7000Mbyte of data space. This partition contains the Linux image and the Docker resulting in 6125MByte left net space.

As the picture shows 4% of the main partition is then occupied by some docker stuff on a fresh unit.


If you have now 52% occupied then you have leftovers in your Docker, like old images, old volumes which you have to delete in Docker's Web GUI if not needed any mmore.

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