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eMMC Memory
Does the netPI and Connect gateways have onboard eMMC memory? Requirement from a customer.

No it doesn't cause

a. ) in case this flash is "worn out" due to max write cycles it can't be replaced and you can throw the hardware to the bin.
b.) you always have customer who wants to have a different size of memory than 8GByte. With a fixed eMMC you have no replacement possibility
c.) in case you want to have a flash memory with better erase/write cycle ratio like SLC type of flash memory with 30x times higher duration you can't replace it instantly
d.) even if there are eMMC on the market with a higher read/write throughput than SD cards, Raspberry Pi can't even drive these high speeds since the SDIO bus is driven at 50Mhz.
e.) if I look back to the millions of eMMC cards in the past, and how many have been discontinued meanwhile, you have to be after those PCNs and trigger a replacement on manufacturing site. With SD cards, you just buy in a new part and insert it in the next production slot instantly after you have qualified it.
f.) SD card qualifiying took us about 6 month before we finally used it in netPI. We tested several different SD cards, but how you wanna do it with eMMC? You have to manufacture different type of pre-assembled devices with eMMC and then you can test them. With SD cards and a slot you can just have a single hardware and replace the media in a split of a second.

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