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netPI core as serial device server
Hi Armin,

Hope you are doing well.

Do we have serial ascii / proprietary protocol support for netPI over RS232/RS485 NPIX board?

we earlier tested Modbus RTU protocol, which works OK with our NPIX serial boards, but about ascii we have not tested , anybody has experience ?

Currently we have here one customer requiremnet, who wants to collect weight measurement data ( Serial RS232/RS485 ) over Ethernet based server system for data integration ( TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Server/Client, Pair Connection, SNMP  ). 
so the weight measurement data can be accessed from anywhere in server network.

Thanks in advance
Hello Madhumati,

netPI is not like a netTAP 100/50 gateway device we offer since years and are made for specific protocol conversions. netPI whereas is an open platfotm anyone can do with it what he wants. So therefor there is not something like a specific ASCII protocol support ... it just has a support for a half-duplex serial port function over NPIX RS232 oder RS485. So in the end netPI is like your PC/notebook which usually has an RS232 COM port by default also ... the physics is there but it needs programming too.

For easy programmin I still recommend the Node-RED tool which has support for serial port. The serial port node supports listening to data streams transparently and also sending data streams transparently. So with this setup you can send and receive anything what you want.

Please keep again in mind that NPIX 232/485 serial port has a limiting in baud rate and parity bit support. Not all serial port encondings can be realized with it.

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