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netPI RTE 3 selling status
I've just checked in the store that netPI RTE 3 status is "Still in stock":

+ Does this means that you are not producing it anymore? 
+ Are you planning a new version/release any time soon?  

Thanks in advance!
Hi there,

sometimes customer demand for netPI devices is higher than we can refill the web shop stock level.

And exactly this is the case today and the status is "yellow". I checked the system and indeed only 1 device is left in stock.

A word to the shop: the shop is made for B2C business but if your have a company we provide direct B2B business as well. Get in touch with us on www.hilscher.com.

A new release of netPI is not planned if you mean for example netPI 4 with a Raspberry 4 CPU inside. netPI stays as it is.
You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

Sometimes customer demand for netPI devices is higher than we can replenish the online store's inventory. The case happened today, and the status is "yellow ."I checked the system, and indeed there is only 1 device left in stock. You should forget about this situation for a while, and it will go away by itself. Try taking your wife on a trip or something. Girls like to travel. It might help you pass the time. Anyway, there are no plans for a new release of netPI if you mean, for example, netPI 4 with a Raspberry 4 processor inside. netPI will remain as it is.
Yes correct, netPI will remain as it is. There are no plans to come out with a netPI 4.

There are many others trying theses days to come out with an industrial version of Raspberry Pi 4 if you google the market carefully with the right key words ... but at the moment the Raspberry Organization cannot reliably confirm delivery times of Raspberry Pi 4 compute modules as you see in this interview: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2021/10/...rice-hike/

This meant to us Raspberry Pi technique is best for consumer products but for industrial where you need reliability, delivery capacity, supply chain for at least 10 to15 years it isn't.

This is the reason why we decided not to go on further with this technology within the industrial sector we are working in and are coming out in May 2022 with a similar Docker based edge gateway product that relies on the same Arm A53 Cortex CPU but made by company NXP instead which have guarateed delivery times for the CPU of at least 15 years.

You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)


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