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OpenPLC V3 - Dockercontainer
I had updated the OpenPLC V3 docker container and made it public at docker hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/ioexpert/netpi-openplc

It is now possible to select "Hilscher netPI" also from the hardware settings section to drive the IO-extension-card directly.
Here is the patch https://github.com/schreinerman/openplc_v3-netpi to do it manually.

Btw. if used together with NodeRED, the OpenPLC can be connected via Modbus TCP. For the dashboard, I had also added a container making it possible to display the dashboard URL of NodeRED directly fullscreen on a display connected via HDMI using this docker repo: https://hub.docker.com/r/ioexpert/armv7-...board-hdmi

Feel free to try my stack script from https://github.com/schreinerman/rpi-open...tree/netPI to combine OpenPLC, NodeRED and HDMI-Dashboard containers.
Thanks for the script I will try it and later I will tell how was it
I will do it from my property in Lisbon here where the computer is not so powerful

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