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NodeRed Modbus Flow
Hi, I get an error when trying to add the Modbus Flow to NodeRed :

I read that not all flows will work out of the box since the require recompilation towards the base OS.
Any plans to add the modbus Flow to the hilschernetpi/netpi-nodered-fieldbus?
Well the point is that every netPI customer is responsible for this own setup and his containers he is using. We cannot deliver examples for all users and applications that exist on the market. There are 1500 + Node-RED nodes available on the market. Which of all those we should also insert into an example container...? This is impossible and not the aim of the netPI concept.

We deliver you example templates to show you in source code and on Docker Hub how to make your own containers. For the Fieldus container it was to show how to integrate our Fieldbus node into Node-RED.

You can test yourself why the npm packet cannot be installed. Open the netPIs Docker Web GUI. See the list of running containers. Click on the container name. Then click on "console" and the web GUI jumps directly into a SSH like console into the container. You can now enter commands like on a normal linux console. Enter <i>npm install node-red-contrib-modbustcp </i> and you will see the installation procedure and which package is missing.

With this information you can now make a copy of our Fieldbus container in source code on github and then you can build your own container with all needed modifications to enable the installation of the modbus node you requested. Then you can place it on Docker Hub and load it from there.
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