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Web browser reports "insecure connection" when accessing netPI for the first time
By default netPI system softare supports SSH/TSL secured web connections to its web GUI over a https:// access method only.

By definition a secure connection ensures reasonable protection only if a certificate identifies the server as trustworthy. Only then further ongoing transactions of the initiating browser and a server can be assumed as being protected against eavesdroppers and data theft.

For that reason a browser requests a certificate from the server (netPI) first of all for verification. This certificate contains the issuing authority verified the server's trust. A list of known authorities comes pre-installed in any browser. Once a server's certificate is returned the browser compares the certificate's authority with the known ones in the list. If it is not part the browser reports a certificate error and urges the user to confirm to continue operation since it has to assume the connection is insecure.

By default netPI contains a certificate issued by Hilscher and we are not a member of known authorities in the view of the browser. That's why a browser reports the connection as insecure and asks for user confirmation to continue. Once confirmed future connections will be established without questioning again.

Hint: The cerfiicate can be replaced by a trusted customer certificate at any time in netPI's web control panel.
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