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I have already made changes to the "Process data" in/out sizes in GSDML file + App.h file.
Now I want to go a step further and set/get "on demand" fields both in application(App.h) side and GSDML file.
Do you provide a sample how it should be done or direct where can I found information/tools how it could be done ?
few use cases:
1. configure the device to work in specific mode.
2. get async event from device something is out of order ( IRT,<IsochroneMode IsochroneModeRequired/>  from GSDML_GettingStarted_en.pdf)

Can you please provide some info regarding this need ?


Well first of all there is an official GSDML file specification available here:


This document is what a real developer has to study in all details who wants to write a program that I would call a GSDML file generator. In your case it is of course a little easier cause we are already providing a GSDML file example along with the firmware and protocol stack example.

The next document you need as a developer are the netX controller specific functions you can "activate" to get a netX chip configured right. As you have recognized maybe already is that app.h is nothing a netX controller chip understands ... the underlying example code transform the app.h settings to a command that is named "Set Configuration Request" and sent to netX during the initialization sequence.

All API manuals for all the different supported protocol are also part of the github repo of the programming example here:


For PROFINET the programming manual is PROFINET_IO-Device_V3.12_Protocol_API_17_EN.pdf

You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

By the way I don't know the "GSDML_GettingStarted_en.pdf" document so I can't tell what is in there.

And you wrote something about "isochronous mode". This mode is not supported with netPI since the interface between netPI and netX controller is SPI and there is no synchronization possible.

Hilscher supports isochronous mode on high speed PCIe PC cards only that transmit their data via DMA ... but not with netPI. It was never a use case for netPI. Idea of netPI was to just integrate it in industrial ethernet networks alongside a PLC and field IO devices both communicating fast to control application of the factory automation, while netPI just forwards its data to a cloud for example.
You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)


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