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The common web-site for this version of OS (called netFIELD OS) V2.x is here https://kb.hilscher.com/x/LR6FCQ

The link to the very latest version of the OS for your device is here: https://kb.hilscher.com/download/attachm...covery.zip

The manual describing how to update the device with an USB stick is located here:

Just jump to "Recovery via USB stick" page

The procedure how to format the USB stick, how to name the USB drive "RECOVERY" and how to place the update files on the USB stick is the same whether you have a 1.x software or a 2.x software. But of course the manual describes the usage of the device after you have updated it with the netFIELD OS V2.x. Make sure you have a good working USB stick. Many customers had trouble with older USB sticks that are not compatible with Raspberry Pi CPU used on the device. Hope it is detected right aways and executes the update then.

After the update you will have a totally new impression with your device . It has a new web-ui, it supports SSH connectivity from the beginning, it has a web-ui terminal where you can access the Linux OS directly or call "docker xxxx" directly commands. The docker is now full features and has no limits as with 1.x OS. Overall it is much more open to users than we have implemented it with 1.x version of OS. You will see.

Especially for your RS485 use case. With the new OS a quick check in the terminal and folder /dev/ with "ls /dev/" will immediately show the presence of the device "/dev/ttys0" after you have inserted the NPIX module. Before with old OS 1.x this was never possible since there was no change to get access to those folders.
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