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netFIELD Compact Gateway Profinet IO/ Ethernet IP communication
Dear Armin,


Hope you are doing well!

I have started work on netFIELD Compact Gateway, so I have the below query.

I checked the document and found there is no netX chip for Profinet IO/Ethernet IP communication in the side Compact Gateway. So how can we do the Profinet IO/Ethernet IP communication with PLC?

In my last setup, I made our Connect Gateway Profinet IO controller using the Codesys container application, so for Compact also I have to do like the same for to the make Slave interface.

Hello Devendra,

in january we will be publishing a roadmap for 3 new netFIELD Compact device variants

1. The same as the current "netFIELD Compact X8M" but with CAN-Interface, 4xDI and 4xDO, and TPM-Chip additionally. Release will be end of 2023
2. The same as the current "netFIELD Compact X8M" but with Wifi card additionally (unfortunately this Wifi card has Europe and US certification only and no Indian). Release will be end of 2023
3. The same as the current "netFIELD Compact X8M" but with included cifX90E-RE pc card supporting netX100 chip. This card is what you are looking for. Release will be July 2023

So you need patience until we have these device series released.

You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)


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