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Forum rules and guidelines
Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH would like to offer a cost-free platform for all topics about selected products within the Hilscher community forum.

1. Login to the Forum

No registration is required for reading in the forum. If the User would like to post their own articles into the forum, they must register on the forum website beforehand. With the login as User, the User declares that that they agree to the following terms and conditions for use. The following is expressly prohibited:

a) Obscenities, pornography, hate propaganda, immoral and offensive as well as illegal contents/data /references;

b) Calls for violence against persons or companies. Calls to cause damage to other persons or items or harass persons by other means;

c) Libel and defamation for other natural persons or legal entities, insults and debasements of persons and companies;

d) Articles that breach currently applicable laws and the call to carry out illegal and anti-constitutional acts;

e) Misuse of the forum as advertising space for web pages or services (spamming);

f) Articles that breach protected rights such as copyrights and ancillary copyrights, trademark and other marking/labeling rights, patent rights, trade secrets or NDAs. In particular, third-party press articles may not be published in the forum without the author's consent.

2. Editing/Deletion of Contents/ Blocking

a) Hilscher reserves the right to edit the User's articles that can be viewed by other users through the netPI forum. In addition, Hilscher has the right to delete the data and published contents entered by the User without previous reference or a prior warning.

b) The User in principle has no legal claim for participation in the forum. The operator's unrestricted right to impose house rules shall apply. Hilscher has the right to exclude resp. block users from the use of the forum in the event of a breach of these rules without indicating reasons.
User's claims shall not be established through a blocking or the deletion.

3. Rights of Use and Intellectual Property Rights

a) All marks and brand names indicated within the website and where applicable protected by third parties shall be subject to the provisions of the currently applicable labeling/marking law and the respective registered owners' rights of possession. The conclusion that brand names are not protected by third party rights may not be drawn solely based on the mere mention.

b) The User shall not grant Hilscher the unrestricted right to use data/contents provided by the User completely or in parts worldwide by using the network's possibilities to publish data/contents.

4. Liability Disclaimer

a) The User's claims for damages shall be excluded. Claims for damages based on an injury to life, limb and health and claims for damages based on the breach of material contractual obligations shall be excluded from the liability disclaimer. Material contractual obligations are obligations whose fulfillment is necessary for the achievement of the objective of the Agreement. Liability for damage that is based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by Hilscher shall likewise be excluded from the liability disclaimer.

b) An inspection obligation, in particular concerning legal admissibility and correctness as regards content, topicality and completeness of the date posted by the individual participants does not exist for Hilscher.

5. Indemnification

a) The downloadable data for other Internet users shall be third-party contents as defined by section 7 paragraph 2 German Telemedia Act [Telemediengesetz (TMG)] for Hilscher. Hilscher accepts no liability for third-party contents. Exclusively the respective author is responsible for articles in the forums and must be made liable for these in the legal sense as well. They are not subject to Hilscher's responsibility in any way.

b) Should a legal action be brought against Hilscher concerning possible infringements that result from the contents posted by the User and/or arise from the use of the forum by the User, it undertakes as User to indemnify the provider against any claims, including claims for damages and reimburse to the provider the costs that it incurs concerning the possible infringement. The provider in particular shall be indemnified against the costs of the necessary legal defense. If the User is not liable for the infringement, the above-mentioned duties shall not exist.

6. Termination of the Agreement
This usage agreement is concluded for an indefinite period and may be terminated by either party at any time without giving notice. Notice of termination by the User may also be given through the,deletion of the account. For this, please send an e-mail to forum@hilscher.com.

7. Rectification of Infringements
Hilscher shall make every effort to remove articles that breach these rules promptly. However, this cannot be guaranteed at all times, but only within the usual business times.
Should a breach of third-party intellectual property rights by the page operator or an author result despite thorough inspection, they shall be requested to point out the problematic factual situation before the step of a warning letter with costs (e.g. by e-mail to forum@hilscher.com). If an infringement exists, this shall be rectified by Hilscher immediately.

8. Severability clause
Should one provision of this Agreement be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the other provisions. The Parties undertake to replace the invalid provision by a valid regulation that approximates to this provision as far as possible.
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