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NetHat + Ethernet/IP + APIs or SDKs
(October-11th-2021, 05:26 AM)Armin@netPI Wrote: Hello Michela,

when you say "I am going to read data from a senser and send the value to cloud" what exactly do you mean?

netHAT is a module that embeds a Real-Time Ethernet chip that talks to PLCs like those from Siemens or from Rockwell over industrial ethernet protocols like PROFINET, EtherNet/IP or EtherCAT. So there is not any place to connect a sensor to netHAT directly. Or do you indeed mean the sensors are connected to the PLC and the PLC transfers the data to netHAT over the network where you finally read it back in your netHAT application stored on your Raspberry Pi and from there you want to forward it to a cloud system that is also connected to your Raspberry Pi? Is my understanding correct? If yes what is the industrial network protocol do you have in use by the way?

But back to your question. Since netHAT is just a module that turns industrial network data exchanged with a PLC into readable and writeable buffers on Raspberry Pi side this is where Hilscher knowledge ends and also where the provisioning of examples and drivers for netHAT ends. This means we provide just examples how to read or write the data buffers ... what an application is finally doing with this data and where it is going to after a read or where it was coming from before a write is not our business. It's 100% in the hands of the programmer. So again I am sorry to say that I can't deliver you and further sample code.

I entered the search term "HTTP POST PUT GET C coded " into google search ... and I got thousands of hits of examples for it. I think this a good approach for you to continue programming your code to the end with all the source codes available on other web sites.


Oh, I think I now understand how far NetHat works. It communicates with PLCs - writes and reads data from a buffer on a port at a certain baud rate.

As for GET/POST/PUT with raspberry - no mystery.

My real question was whether I could do this with NetHat - read data from a sensor and send that data to a cloud endpoint just using the NetHat chip.
I figured I could do everything with NetHat alone - communicate with the PLC and send that data to an external endpoint.

According to what you explained I use NetHat to communicate with the PLC (read, write data on a port) and if I need to send this data to a cloud endpoint I use Raspberry's Ethernet (or Wi-Fi) PI.

Thanks for listening

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