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Configuring EtherCAT communication
Well the source code under https://github.com/HilscherAutomation/ne...ndlerECS.c

registers an application using the command "RCX_REGISTER_APP_REQ" if now your program was accidentially stopped without using the "RCX_UNREGISTER_APP_REQ" the netx chip will deny another registration. 

Three methods to recover from this: 

1.) depower and repower the whole netPI and call your program again or
2.) execute the command xChannelReset() in the function "int32_t ChannelDemo()" of the source code https://github.com/HilscherAutomation/ne...leConfig.c right before the line while(CIFX_NO_ERROR == (lRet = Pkt_ReceivePacket(hChannel,&tAppData.tPkt,0))); or
3.) call the "RCX_UNREGISTER_APP_REQ" message when you see the registration message returning an error in order to deregister a previously called program that didn't send "RCX_UNREGISTER_APP_REQ" before leaving

In all cases the netX chip will "lose" its previous registration setting.
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