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IoT Edge Gateway: Node-RED - ARRAY -> OPC UA
Ok I see. I just wanted to know which device you are using. This device has a Node-RED preinstalled and also an OPC UA node set coming from this Node-RED developer https://flows.nodered.org/node/node-red-contrib-opcua. We just preinstalled this node set into the Node-RED installation ... but we are not well informed in all details about how all the nodes work and how they are provided with msg.payload data.

I am pretty sure that meanwhile newer versions are indicated on this web site than installed on your machine from year 2019. You can go into the top right Node-RED menu "manage palette" and see which version of OPC UA nodes currently is installed. Which version is it?

From my personal view ... I am sorry that I am not familiar with the OPC UA node set and how it is used exactly. I am pretty sure years ago I had used it ... but this is long time ago. The developer of any node has to provide a good documentation about the node's usage.

From you both pictures I would say read and write data are ok. What happens if you wire the read node directly to the write node without modifications and no usage of an own function node?
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