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[NSHIELD 52-RE] Advise of basic steps
Hello everybody,
I would like to ask you if you would advise me the basic steps regarding the use of I-NUCLEO-NETX.


I have already prepared PROFINET communication scenario in SYCON.net and communication model in Simulink for Speedgoat target machine. Problem is, that i'm new to these shields for industrial network and basicly i don't know what to do. As a host I'm using board from STM, specifically STM32F429ZI-Nucleo. I have installed STM Cube IDE 1.6.1 with actual NETX-CUBE-Expanstion_1.3.0.1, where is already some DEMO project for PROFINET.

What I need is prepare own code and configuration for NSHIELD 52-RE and i would like to send 2x float (temperature, humidity) and receive 2 configuration bytes.

SYCON.net configuration:
Module Output 4 bytes
Module Output 4 bytes
Module Input 2 bytes

I think, that i need export this configuration and upload it on Shield.

Shield blinks red LED on COM1 - No data exchange.

Thank you very much for any help in this topic.

Best regards,
Hi there and thank you for joining this forum.

In general you are right that you find a lot of netX based products supported in this forum. But specifically the netSHIELD product is support on a different web site located here https://kb.hilscher.com/pages/viewpage.a...d=71369521.

Even I don't know much about this product since it is coming from a different Hilscher department ... but using SYCON.net and exporting its configuration is a totally new approach to me I have never heard about before. I feel SYCON.net is not the correct method to configure it. netSHIELD is a product where a user application under the hosting Linux OS (example on the web site) is setting the IO size online in the netX controller rather than offline with SYCON.net tool. SYCON.net is a tool users are using to configure non embedded products such as PC cards or gateways from Hilscher.

Please also remember that all firmware packages provided on the web site are limited to run 1 hour only. Official firmwares can be requested via Hilscher sales.

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