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instant power outage
Is there specification for how long netPI will continue to operate even if there is a instant power outage?

Thank you very much for your information.
Best regards,
This measurement is part of the standard IEC61000-4-29 - EN 61131-2 we tested netPI against.

This standard defines a minimum voltage level Umin for a device the voltage can drop to 0V instantly at a spike of 10msec while the device has to continue to operate. This Umin we determined during our tests is 20.4V DC. This means if you power netPI with at least this voltage level or higher a 10msec spike is bridged by netPI's internal two buffer capacitors used in its power supply circuit.

During this measurement we also made tests with very slow power outages from 20.4V DC to 0V lowered over a time frame of 60 seconds and determined that netPI finally switches off at a voltage of Usdl = 12,7V.

During both tests there where no USB devices connected. This is important to know since USB devices can draw up to 500mA of current per port (we allow 1A overall for netPI). So the time of bridging a power outage will definitively be shorter in this case than 10msec. An alternative of course would be to raise the voltage you power netPI with like 28V DC for example.


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You really know what you're talking about, thank you for your knowledge )))

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