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Incorrect T2O Data Being Sent
Hello I am currently using the netHAT product as an EtherNet/IP adapter where I am also running the example application that increments the 32 bytes of T2O data by 1 every second. I have it connected to a scanner and can see the T2O data increasing each second. However, the first four bytes seem to never change, always stuck on 1, 0, 0, 0 as shown in the screen shot provided. The T2O data thats printed to the terminal on the PI looks fine, its just when the data is sent over to the scanner. I was just wondering anyone knows if there is a fix for this?

Many thanks,

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Well I am not an Ethernet/IP expert but I found the following remark in one of our documentations

Run/Idle Mode for Realtime Transfer

The Run/Idle header is a 32-bit field added to packets flowing in the O2T or T2O  direction.  In  O2T  direction  it  contains  several  bits  of  status  info.  Of  primary  interest  is  the  least  significant  bit,  which  reflects  the  mode  of  the  connection originator. When this bit is set it means the originator is in Run mode,  actively  controlling  I/O.  When  cleared  this  indicates  that  the  originator  is  in  Idle  mode,  not  actively  controlling  the  I/O.  Run/Idle  is  not  counted  as  part  of  the  configured  data  size  in  the  EDS  Connection  Manager  section.  It  is  counted  in  the  FwdOpen  Message  O2T  and  T2O  sizes however.

It seems to me that these 4 bytes are quite normal for an Ethernet/IP based communcation.

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