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Update /dev/ttyAMA0 UART pinout
(June-16th-2021, 12:28 PM)Armin@netPI Wrote: Well this is indeed a good question.

netPI OS software development is freezed to V1.x version of software as it is distributed today. Of course we would make publiations in case of any known vulneratibities. But basially we stay with the software as it is since 2016.

netFIELD OSwhereas is the software that is current and is the one that is on the main stream and will be maintained with updates cycles of typically 6 months in between. We call i V2.x version of sofware. Since the software is more open and support SSH and so on ... we strongly recommend to use the netFIELD Connect gateway for coming projects.But as your customer sees it ... there are still customers who want to rely on netPI and want to use it. So I would say "yes" to the question is netFIELD Connect a successor of netPI. But we do not have any cancelations in mind for netPI.

All Hilscher products coming will definitively rely on V2,x version of software and netFIELD techniques since netIFIELD Clouf offers the remote managment of netFIELD protucts and is what I see as "state-of-the-art" for today IoT applications

Will you continue selling netFIELD OS after netFIELD OS 2.2 is out in the market ?
Well the netFIELD OS version everybody can load from here himself: https://kb.hilscher.com/display/IOT/netF...e+Overview and put it on netFIELD Connect gateway

So it is not something we "sell". But I agree once a new version of netFIELD OS is released ... it is just a matter time that new devices will be preloaded with a net netFIELD OS version. So it is expected that in future you get netFIEL OS 2.2 devices, esecpt you define a special custom version of netFIELD Connect with fixed preloaded software version instead.

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