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[SOLVED]DHCP server not working
Thank you for your reply. I will answer.

A.) I just disconnect the netPI from power and repower it again.

B.) Yes, it is possible.

C.) The bar code numbers are [1231.500, 2, 21231].

About B, I have another netpi whose firmware virsion is and bar code numbers are [1231.500, 2, 21230].
Which netpi should be updated and tested?

Best regards,
Well the answer to B is testing the device V1.1.3.0 first. So we have two devices for immediate comparison.

So once you have updated V1.1.3.0 to V1.2.0.0 then login and first got to the Wifi dialog and just use Wifi only. Then select Wifi "Access Point" and press "Change" button first. Then when the screen has been updated please make your edits then and then press "save" please ... not before.

And based on your labels ... you have the very latest hardware revision "2" of devices which is good.

You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

Thank you.

I will try update and test.
I have two questions to finish update properly.

A.) To my understanding, after updating, wifi is disabled and netpi have to connect to dhcp server. Since, at first, netpi have to use ethernet connecting. This ethernet connecting is allowed for "just use Wifi only"?

B.) If I am not mistaken, to press "Change" button, some parameters (for access point, ip , subnet, and so on) are required. Since, the wifi setting process in detail is selecting "Access Point", setting required parameters, pressing "Change" button, setting detailed parameters, and pressing "Save" button, is it right?

Best Regards,

A.) Yes because of security reasons all netPI setting are reset to default disabled. You have to create a new login and also make changes. And yes first of all you need a DHCP server on eth0 to get netPI web UI access. After that you can change everything. And yes you can use eth0 with DCHP for your test "wifi" only. This is how I did my tests here too during the beginning.

B.) I think you can just switch to "Access point" option and then press "Change". Then there is a screen refresh and new Wifi AP parameters are shown. After you made all your Wifi AP setting then finally press "save"
You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

Dear Armin,

I updated the firmware version of another netpi.
To come to the point, the problem also occurs for another netpi.
The details are written below.

At first, I performed firmware update with recovery usb. The info center page shows that current firmware version is V1.2.0.0. After that, in wifi dialog, I just switch to "Access point" option and then press "Change". However, the mode change did not accepted. Pre-shared key, SSID, and static IP address are required for mode change. Since, I set these parameters and press "Change". Then, set up other parameters such as dhcp server settings and push "Save". The following picture is my wifi settings.

In addition, I did not start docker service for the test.

Next, I started the test, I repowered netpi 3 times and check wifi connecting. Then, I found it that if the problem is reconstructed, I can not access to netpi without ethernet connecting. Since, I set static ip adress to eth0. The following picture is my lan settings.

Then, I continued test after changing lan settings. At sixth trial, the problem occurred. The client can connect to netpi with wifi, but ip adress is not assigned. The attached file is syslog just after the problem.

I used the same usb stick as before for making recovery usb. Is there a possibility that this usb is not compatible for netpi and it make the firmware update incompletely? The usb's generation is USB2.0, and capacity is 1GB.

Best Regards,

Attached Files
.zip   syslog_another_netpi.zip (Size: 81.74 KB / Downloads: 1)

to your question about USB stick my answer is that your USB stick is 100% ok and updated the device completely.

The reason why I was asking for another update was that in Linux or Windows you usually shutdown a device by software ... like you do it with your desktop PC and wait till it is shut down in order to make sure all files are written to the hard disk correctly. If a device is just depowered by removing the 24Vols Linux and Windows has no chance to write cached files to the disk drive and data may get corrupt. Maybe this is also happening in your case and maybe a configuration file is getting corrupt and during the next boot sequence something goes wrong.

I have made tests here both. Certain times just depowering and certain times using the software shutdown function. In no case I have seen the same problem like you. Maybe you can try to use the software shutdown as well.

I will forward this log file to the development team now.
You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

Thank you for your reply.

I tested software shutdown from control panel.
By using software shutdown, the problem did not occur.

However, there are two issues. Both issues have the same root that I do not want my product users to do bothering procedure.

A.) Software shutdown from control panel is a little bit complicated, because it needs logging in to edge gateway. Is there any alternatives such as the way to shutdown netpi from a  docker container? 

B.) The possibility of sudden power loss cannot be denied completely(In addition, my product uses battery), so I need to prepare for dhcp server problem. However, I do not know the way to restore wifi settings, but for re-saving wifi settings, but re-saving also needs logging in to edge gateway. Is there any other way to restore wifi settings?

Best Regards,
Dear yoshikawa-san,

thank you for your reply. So it seems that we have more isolated the problem and reduce it to a configuration file that went corrupt maybe (which we don't know by 100% still right now)

I totally agree to your opinion A.) and B.) A loss of power can occur at any time in the field and you have no control of it when it will happen. Also your end customer has no control over the power of his installation.

Right now I have no immediate solution for you. Basically a container cannot access the main host OS like the web UI is able to. So a command like "reboot now" called in a container will never reset the whole device. At the moment only the web UI is able to reset netPI device.

First I want to wait for the opinion of the development team. Since this problem occured now since 4 year of netPI release I think they need to spent some time to solve the problem in a new firmware version in future. I have to wait for their answer first.
You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

There is one method how to reset a device within a container. This works only if the container is started in privileged mode:

Here is the code sequence:

echo 1 >/proc/sys/kernel/sysrq && echo s > /proc/sysrq-trigger && sleep 10 && echo b > /proc/sysrq-trigger
You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

Dear Armin,

Thank you for your reply.

The way to reset a device within container you taught me worked well.
The problem does not occur with this way to reboot. 
It seems a solution for my request to some extent. Thank you.

I appreciate your speedy support.
Please keep me posted.

Best regards,

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