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connecting Mitsubishi via RS485
Hello Armin,

because I cannot see how to set the Node-RED Modbus as slave, I have to set the PLC as slave, even I think this is the wrong way.
Under normal circumstances the PLC should work as server.

Well the Node-RED software we provide consists of a set of preinstalled nodes that others have written in the community.

Each node usually has a hosted web site that explains how to use it. The same applies for the Modbus nodes like this web page shows: https://flows.nodered.org/node/node-red-contrib-modbus. Here all the details are explained. 

Please read this thread https://forum.hilscher.com/Thread-NPIX-R...-available that tells you to activate the RS-485 driver to run in auto-direction control. There is a also a very simple Node-RED flow that you can copy and insert in your Node-RED.

Here a very simple code to use Modbus RTU as master/client to read out a Modbus register from a server (Mitsubishi) with Modbus address (Unit Id) of 1 at a baudrate of 9600,7,1N.


And yes I agree that usually the PLC should be configured to be of type "slave/server" but you need to verify it if this is true.
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