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Used Pins
Well, I read the manual on page 7 describing the pinout. I see that all unused pins are described as "n.c." = not connected. All other pins like GND, 5V, SPI signals and also ID_SD,ID_SC are connected and have a function so.

Especially the ID_SD and ID_SC pins play a special role as defined by the Raspberry Pi Organization here https://github.com/raspberrypi/hats. Any HAT module have to have these two pins and an EEPROM connected to it with configuration information for the Linux Kernel. During the Pi's Kernel boot the EEPROM content is read and overlay drivers loaded in accordance to the information found or specific IO pins set to input or output mode ... all dependent on the HAT and its EEPROM. This allows to support multiple HATs with a single Kernel as the HATs "tell" the what pins they need and what are they used for.

In summary I would say that netHAT can't be operated without the two pins if you want to have SPI automatically enabled by the Kernel due to the EEPROM. But if you enable SPI manually with the "raspi-config" tool under Raspbian OS then this would probably work.

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