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[SOLVED] Docker issues

I'm having trouble installing new containers on my NetPI RTE plarform.
I'm getting errors such as 
"Unexpected token < in JSON at positions 1"


"Cannot read property 'replace' of null

It keeps on happening with different containers but sometimes the installation is successful.
I am following your installation instructions exactly. 

Appreciate your help on this.


In addition i have constant red LED set on the NetPI (Err NS) I'm not sure if this is related but i'm wondering what is causing that.
Hello Alex,

which container are you loading? Is there an example for us to reconstruct and to load from here?

You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

I've tried 

some of them i could installed but then they got stuck in state "created" and some of them i couldn't install.
the only one i was able to install and run was the opc-ua container.
I have deleted all the dockers to make sure they do not interfere with one another.

I hope this answers your question
There is one more question. In netPI's web GUI default landing page you see in the lower right corner the software version you are using. Are you already using V1.1.6.0?
You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)


the SW version is V1.1.0.0
Hi Alex,

please update to the latest software version V1.1.6.0. You can find the download here: https://www.netiot.com/netpi/industrial-raspberry-pi-3/
This version brings, among other things, a extended timeout value. This is important e.g. to pull large images.

Best Regars
Ok, thank you very much for the support. will udpate on how it goes.
Thank's a lot for your support, I updated the FW and everything works now.

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