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Company resin.io (Base image creator) changed name to balena
A deep dive into Docker techniques shows that any container image relies on an base image in the layered file system.

Most of you might not have recognized that all our netPI example Docker images provided here are using base images from company resin.io.

Source of a base image are specified in the corresponding Dockerfile when a container is built. A typical entry looks like FROM resin/armh7f-debian:stretch.

October 2018 company resin.io announced to change their name to balena having an impact on the base image source location also.

Since January 2019 the old registry resin is no longer maintained. Instead the new registry balenalib can now be used as an immediate and compatible replacement.

So all you have to do is to change your previously set base image in your Dockerfile  FROM resin/armh7f-debian:stretch to FROM balenalib/armh7f-debian:stretch and you are good.
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