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[SOLVED] External Portainer Control

I have a question regarding an external Control of the netPi.

I have a cloud entity which also runs Portainer. Is there any way to connect the netpi
as an endpoint to this portainer instance.

I've seen that you can access the protainers API via RestAPI but I don't managed to create an
open endpoint to which I can connect via another Portainer.

Do you have any suggestion or is this feature not supported yet?
If it is not supported, then does the comming update support it?

Would be greate to have only one central portainer which can controll every netPi instance.

Thank for your help.

Best regards
Hi Flo,

as beta tester I already tested this function with the coming netPI software release which is planned for November.

This release includes portainer in the version 1.19.2, that allows to create also remote endpoints next to the local one.

With this version your scenario will get manageable.

You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)


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