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Use netPi firmware on netHAT

right now I'm using netHAT module with Raspberry PI 3B as Profinet Device to test Profinet with another Raspberry PI Control SL from CodeSys as Profinet Controller.
Using this netHAT, the limited I/O are 32 Bytes Input and 32 Bytes Output.

I'm reading the netPI forum, that it is possible to extend the IO size. I know that netPI using netX 51 chip meanwhile netHAT using netX 52 chip. But the difference between them are just that netX 51 has extra memory, but the microcontroller should be the same. So I have a few question regarding netHAT:

1. The limited IO in netHAT is due to the configuration of its .nxd file. Is there any possiblity to extend the IO size? The changes of GSDML from my opinion should be easy to change.

2. In netPI, the IO size can be easily done through the configuration in App.h file. Since both of this modules use about the same controller, I thought that it may also possible just to use the given driver and profinet firmware from the netPI. Am I right?

3. Furthermore, in the supplement datasheet for PROFINET IO-Device V4 API it stated that the maximum number of total cyclic input/output data is 1440 bytes. This means that the maximum possible IO is 1440 bytes. Am I right?

4. In the supplied document for netHAT module stated that the netHAT module using Stack/FW version 3.11. And as I checked, the newest Profinet FW is 3.12 based on the available document of PROFINET_IO-Device_V3.12_Protocol_API_17_EN.pdf. Is it important to upgrade the FW-Version from 3.11 to 3.12?  If yes/no, how to upgrade the FW-Version?

After all, it is great to see the hard work that Hilscher have done on the stack that being implement on this netX series. For any feedback, I thank you so much in advance!
Hi there,

1.) Yes this is correct. *.nxd is a Hilscher proprietary data base format we invented years ago for static configuration of netX based devices. The format is non disclosed. We created the file with static I/O 32/32 byte setup to make netHAT configuration as easy as possible for customers. The Linux driver provided loads the firmware into netHAT first and then if it finds a *.nxd file in the same firmware folder also the *.nxd file afterwards. If any netX chip is loaded with a static .nxd file it will use it prior to any online configuration as the netPI example is confguring the netX chip instead here: https://github.com/Hilscher/netPI-netx-p...g-examples.

2.) Yes netPI is a full featured device where you get the whole functionality of netX enabled, whereas netHAT isn't. netHAT runs with a PROFINET firmware version V4.x. This is necessary because netHAT uses a netX52 with no external RAM and needs a downsized PNS protocol implementation. netPI uses a firmware version V3.x. Since both versions are not 100% compatible to each other, I have doubts the example application https://github.com/Hilscher/netPI-netx-p...g-examples of netPI will run with netHAT too. Even keep in mind a netHAT must not be loaded with an .nxd file, else it will reject online configuration method.

3.) Yes this is correct. netX52 chip is able to drive 1440 inputs and outputs in maximum. Reaching the maximum size can be set in multiples of 64Byte modules, not all at once in single modules.

4.) If this is stated in the documentation then this is not correct. The firmware on the provided DVD image https://www.netiot.com/fileadmin/big_dat..._0_0_1.zip is definitively a version PNS V4.2.7.0. A Firmware V3.x.x.x will never run on netHAT since it needs external RAM as provided with a netX51 chip. Well, we wanted to produce netHAT as cheap as possible as you can understand. It is made for case studies only.

As you can imagine $40 for netHAT is a cost price. This is why do not support any IO sizes other than 32/32 bytes since its product launch in year 2016 and we also do not provide other *.nxd files that could configure more IO data.
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