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Accessing netPI web UI with REST API
Well Tad,

the netPI main Web-UI, control panel etc. was developed 100% by Hilscher. So it has a separate API as described in this current thread-317. So you could setup the time, network configuration, enable/disable services like Docker and so on.

But the Docker functionality was 100% not developed by Hilscher. We have just added Docker and portainer.io to the netPI OS and put the nginx reverse proxy to its front. This means in turn that also the very official API of portainer.io was also implemented implicitly and this is why controlling Docker is in accordance to thread-369.

Since Node-RED can run under Windows https://nodered.org/docs/getting-started/windows this is an easy evaluation method for anyone who has an PC to check the API. I agree of course since Node-RED can run on any machine that also a second netPI with installed Node-RED could be used. But this needs a second hardware which might be a problem for some customers.

The thread-369 uses Node-RED as example which is for a non-programmer better to understand. Of course a real Linux programmer would never use Node-RED to access the API but more a C-coded program or Linux commands like "curl" to access the REST-Api. But Node-RED is a good starter. With netPI we use portainer 1.20.1 and its very official API documentation is located here https://app.swaggerhub.com/apis/devianto...ner/1.20.1. So you see this is not Hilscher specific but 100% portainer.io.

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