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Well, do you know exactly what CoDeSys needs as devices to run them with Codesyscontrol? I don't know it to be honest.

What I can tell you is that my experience with GPIOs is the following: if you enable privileged mode for a container then netPIs host GPIO interface located in /sys/class/gpio is available in a container too and you can use simple command line fuctions like these https://sites.google.com/site/semilleroa...rials/gpio to access the GPIOs.

The npm package "rpi-gpio" module for example (https://github.com/JamesBarwell/rpi-gpio.js) we use in some of our containers along with Node-RED uses the very same interface. With this package we are for example able to control GPIOs in Node-RED Iot programming tool. So if CoDeSys uses the same /sys/class/gpio interface then it should work to take control of netPI's GPIOs as well.
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