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Webfrontend not reachable
I hava a problem with my netPI. It's no longer accessible via the webfrontend. When I boot it up, it obtains its IP from the DHCP server and is reachable via that IP for a very short time. If I am lucky I can access the landing page for like five seconds. After that I does not reply to any http requests, nor does it respond to a ping. I can't reach the control area or the docker area. The only thing connected to the PI is the network cable and the power supply.
I am not sure if that is new, but the red LED "ERR NS" is permenantly on.
The IP is well known and not the issue.
What can I do about that. Is a factory reset inevitable?
Best regards
You can watch the boot process of netPI via its HDMI port. Is there anything you can see like [error] in color red in the log output that could give us a hint what might gone wrong?

The NS LED is an LED coming from the netX network controller chip. By factory default it is loaded with PROFINET software and once the ERR NS LED is red this tells us that it is simply in unconfigured state. This LED has nothing in common with the Linux OS which is responsible for the web frontend's availability and DHCP service.

I suppose something gone wrong with the network/gateway settings between Wifi and/or LAN settings or a kind of overlapping ip addresses. The only thing that helps at this stage is a firmware recovery procedure.
You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

I hooked it up to a screen and saw no indication for a problem. Everything is listed with an "OK". Just the Docker stuff takes almost a minute to be listed as "OK", but I can image that depends on the number of images, that are to be booted. I did a firmware recovery, after that the netPI boots fine again. The difference in the screen output is, that Docker does not take ages to be listed as "OK".

Best regards

PS: Is there a function to mark this thread as solved?
Thank you for your feedback. Good to hear you got it recovered.

I have to admit that just in case a misconfiguration of the IP settings was the root cause of your problem that we have definitively to improve the consistency checks between the different network setting dialogs in future firmware releases to avoid this problem to happen again.

P.S.: we didn't establish a feature such as closing an issue in the forum. I gonna take your question and carry it to our forum developer if we can implement it. I like the idea.
You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)


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