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EtherCAT slave configuration?

How can I configure the netHAT to work as an EtherCAT slave with the netPI device?

netHAT and netPI are two different devices.

netHAT is a product for all those who are interested in evaluate real-time ethernet connectivity.
There are three firmware packages available.
  1. EtherCAT Slave
  2. EtherNet/IP Adapter
  3. PROFINET IO Device
The driver that comes with netHAT in the download section here https://www.netiot.com/interface/nethat/ configures the module always to fix 32 bytes input and output.
To configure the netHAT to work as an EtherCAT Slave you have to follow the steps:
  1. Install the driver and firmware packages
  2. Configure your EtherCAT master
  3. Start the cifxsample to test I/O data
If you have any further questions based on the netPI, please use the netPI Forum.


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