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nalyzing Ethernet/IP traffic
I would like to know if it possible to get all the information inside an Ethernet/IP packet using the netHat, but I dont know if its firmware abstracts that kind of information form the user.

I have been reading the API reference for getting the data or the packet ('xChannelIORead', 'xChannelGetPacket') from the netHAT module. When you get that packet, there is Ethernet/IP information in it?

If there is no way to get that information from the API, is posible to get it in another way?

Within the cifX API the available API functions are described.

The function "xChannelIOWrite()" writes the cyclic output process data image of a communication channel and instructs the fieldbus protocol to send the data to the fieldbus system.
The function "xChannelIORead()" reads the cyclic input process data image of a communication channel and afterwards it instructs the fieldbus protocol to update input data image with actual (latest) fieldbus data.

With the function "xChannelPutPacket" you are able to send a packet to the channel Mailbox.
With the function "xChannelGetPacket" you can retrieve a pending packet from the channel Mailbox.(Asynchronous Data Transfer)


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