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Sending UDP/TCP/MQTT messages through the Fieldbus Port
I want to use a netHAT Raspberry Pi to collect various sensor data and send it to the netIOT Edge Gateway. Is it possible to send user defined UPD, TCP messages (or even MQTT) through netHAT fieldbus ports?

As descriped in the "Protocol API PROFINET IO RT/IRT Device" in chapter "8.5 Second DPM channel – Ethernet Interface" it should be possible but I'm not sure if this is activated on the netHAT...

The netHAT PNS firmware is a Hilscher standard firmware which is only limited to 32 bytes I/O data.
Thus, the second DPM channel is available and it should be possible to send user defined UDP, TCP messages.

sounds good. however, the documentation is very limited. this is everything I can find:

Quote:8.5 Second DPM channel – Ethernet Interface
This section is valid for loadable firmware only.
From version of the PROFINET stack, loadable firmware for netX 51 and netX 100 offers a second dual-port memory channel (channel1) for devices with a 64 KB large dual-port memory only.
Figure 31: PROFINET Stack is accessible on the DPM Channel0 and Ethernet Interface – on the Channel1
The Ethernet interface stack provides an API for:
? Send/receive raw Ethernet frames to/from PROFINET interface MAC address (OEM mode) ? Reusing the API of internal TCP/IP stack running with PROFINET
? Send/receive raw Ethernet frames using a dedicated MAC address (NDIS mode)
Depending on the PROFINET loadable firmware some of this APIs may not be available. For more information about Ethernet Interface stack refer to reference [7].

could you provide an example, e.g. sending a udp message through the fieldbus port?

Nearly all Hilscher netIOT devices offer native MQTT/OPC UA functionalities, why not the netHAT?

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